I tried this build in this fashion for two reasons. It's all the wood I had for the neck, it wasn't long enough for a stick-through and that's all I had available. Figured as the neck ended right below where I wanted the bridge to be... Turns out it's pretty loud for such a small box. 

 Would like to know if you have tried this, and/or your thoughts on the design...

 Thank you!



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  •  Noone else has a suggestion? 

  •  I appreciate your input, Carl. Thanks!

     "I have never made a neck that protrudes out the backside of the box." I haven't either, except for a 3 liter tin. "Glad that nice piece o' mahogany didn't go to waste." You got that right! Mahogany is my favorite wood to build with so far. This particular piece, really pops! ...called out to be made something nice. It didn't disappoint. 

     'Put a pickup in it & it won't matter." I am looking into putting a "ghost" pickup in it. Will probably twist my own.

  • I couldn't pull off Taff's joint, either.  Though, at the tail end of that neck offsetting notches in two pieces of wood lapped together would have been fine.  I have never made a neck that protrudes out the backside of the box.

    Glad that nice piece o' mahogany didn't go to waste.

    Put a pickup in it & it won't matter.  ;)

  • Hi Ray, hey don't feel foolish, what you have done is neat and well done, and it will work. And, with a pickup fitted the acoustic sound is not so important.

    Just another observation: if the support that is at the moment at the end of the stick was positioned forward to that square patch area it should still support the neck and leave the important bridge end free. Next time maybe.

    •  Thank you for that, Taffy. "Next time maybe." (Grinning) Yup! 

  •  Thank you for this, Taffy! I have neither the tools, (yet), nor the skill to do the tongue-and-groove. Ya, know, for some reason, I figured that might not work, (mounting to the back), but after your saying it, I feel a bit foolish. Thank you for your insight, Taffy. I always appreciate it. 


  • Hi Ray, I have had a neck stick come up short Like yours, in my case I added to the length as in the photo.
    If I had to do as you have I would have considered doing that same method but attaching it to the back, this leaves the top free to vibrate better.

    Thanks for sharing your ideas.

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