Trying to figure out is problem in intonation or frets.Neck is straight. Bridge is tune-o-matic. Using chromatic guitar tuner. 3 highest strings are on 12 fret 2 tone sharp.

3 lowest are on 12 fret 2 tone flat. G string sounds weird(not right for my ear) on first fret.

A string sounds some times too flat and some times not so flat down 7-9 frets. Its not about tuning.

I moved little bridges on the bridge by screwing screws. Before it was very awful. Beginning from 12

didn't get octav higher right.

Also guitar hums. I think that this comes form crackly potentiometers. Pickups are humbuckers

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  • When I am tuning my new gits for the first time, I always use a on-line tuner and a clip-on tuner at the same time to make sure that I am in the right octave for each of the strings.  I always tune the string up to their package marked note and leave them there for the next day or so, retuning every few hours, than take them up to the note I want to use for that string.  It almost always works for me.  But I have one sitting in the corner, that no matter what strings or tuning I use, it sound like s...

  • I got guitar in tune. At leastI I think I got. I moved bridge and tailpice height.

    I think I need to tune in E flat. Too high sounding for me.  If strings was 0.2-0.4mm from frets, then sustain was bad. I can make sound recording when I have time do it.

  • Check your string harmonics (falsett). I always setting the string lenght by getting the harmonic on 12 fret, by slightly touching the string. If it's off il move the brigesaddle untill i get it right on the 12 fret. Hope it helps
  • Under 2 tone I'm mean guitar tuner  stripes. On my guitar tuner is led lights.

    • Can you tune it by ear using fretted notes instead of your tuner?  Maybe the tuner is the problem here.

      • Then I need to compere my guitar with guitar wheres every thing is right.

        • At least the first note (low E string in standard tuning) or you can use a piano, pitch pipe, harmonica, or whatever.  Then fret the note on the E string that corresponds to the open note on the next string (A in standard tuning).  Continue on down until you have all the strings tuned by ear.  Then go back and see what your tuner shows for each string.  If you are careful, you can tune it all by ear.  It takes practice and training your ear to hear the same pitch from a fretted string as an open string and it is easier for some people than others.  But it will at least get you close and maybe even good enough to play without your tuner.

  • Guitar is vintage v100. Nothing is changed. Only bridge pikcup is changed.

  • Without pictures, it sounds like you have the bottom 3 strings too short and the top 3 too long.  Take the middle 2 strings and measure the distance from the nut to the 12th fret.  Make the distance from the 12th fret to where they break over the bridge equal to your first measurement.  Then check the tuning and intonation on those two strings.  From there you should make all the other string lengths equal to the middle two to start and adjust the thicker strings a little longer and the thinner strings shorter by a little to get the best possible intonation.

    If you have problems after that, then I would guess you have problems with the fret locations on the neck.

  • How imporant is String action ? Its not very high. 2mm at 12 fret. 1mm at 1st fret.

    Strigs are medium gauge. Guitar is les paul type.

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