Hi All,

Was interested to find out if anybody uses guitar effects software, and what they use?

I managed to get hold of a copy of GUITAR RIG 5 PRO today.

My CBG sounds amazing running through it!

It also has a loop machine which is very useful, I can jam with myself now.

Hope to upload some tunes very soon!

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  • Was using GarageBand on the iPad until the great iO6 update debacle; am now using AmpliTube Full, with all the amp models, cabs, and stomp boxes.
    • Thank's "Oily" I will take a look at Amplitude.

      I'm strugglin to set up Guitar Rig at the moment, well its working but seem to be getting quite a lot of background noises and hiss....

      My laptop probably isnt up to it!

    • ive  used   guitar rig    4 and 5  ,  it's awesome  when  ya get it  dialed  in ..  but  can be a  pain  in the ass  if ya dont  save  your   good setting   and have to  set up  each  time .

      alot of noise can be  hushed    wit  the  amp  moduals and   cross fades  etc  ,

      and messin   with   effect   dials  ..  try  turning a few   components  off   (on the  right  )    to  find the  problem  ..  then  tweak  that  componet  .

       i  dont use   git rig anymore   for that reason,,  and because it changes   your  sound  in  your  computer  for other normal   stuff  ,.


      and  it can be a  pain in the ass   ;-)



    • Thank's "anonymous pic"

      Yeh I need to mess with it some more and tweak it a bit...

      Definitely need another PC just dedicated to music, as you say it does change your settings for normal stuff.

      Wouldn't mind getting an iphone with iRig,it looks great just watched a demo on youtube.....but cash flow problems...lol

      What are you using now?


    • lol.  now  i   just  set a computer  mic  in front of   my line 6   amp  .


    • Probably the best way dude !

      "Keepin it real"

      I have an old LANEY Linebaker amp it cracks pops and hisses but I suppose it all adds to that rustic sound..I should try it out.

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