Hi All,

I'm going to build a cigar box bass and my plan is to reinforce the neck with carbon fiber rods.

Does anybody have experience with carbon fiber rods? What kind of glue do you use to glue them into the neck? Epoxy? Titebond? Something else?



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Well, Erlewine is always right, I guess...


I have never yet put carbon in a guitar neck but I have many years of experience with carbon rods in model aircraft. Epoxy is definitely best, in fact the rods are made from carbon strands that are bound with epoxy. A thick super glue would also work, but epoxy is much better. My guess is that titebond would work as well, but i havent tested it. Fast epoxies are not nearly as strong as slower formulas so I would recommend something at least 6 hours, and that is the setup time, NOT the cure time. Also the hardware store variety of epoxy is not generally all that good. If you have a hobby shop nearby go there for epoxy and super glue. Otherwise order it online.

Why not just cut a channel, and fill it with epoxy then? ;)

I would recommend routeing in a truss rod slot with two way truss rod while your at installing carbon fiber rods and gluing in with epoxy. (do not glue in truss rod) Then if the neck does bow with the heavy tension of those bass strings you have a good chance you can adjust it. Please see https://www.stewmac.com/Materials_and_Supplies/Truss_Rods/Adjustabl... I have a four string bass guitar I built with a thick amazon ebony neck and it still bowed, for me all necks I build will have a adjustable truss rods just in case.

Usually if it’s a non adjusting neck reinforcement, you’ll want to put 2 equally spaced rods like Danelectro does, one down the middle is fine if there’s not a lot of tension, but if it’s a full size bass, use 2 rods. Any good wood/metal epoxy will do fine. Cheers 

That's exactly what I'm planning to do: two equally spaced carbon rods. And it's going to be a short scale bass (30").

Good luck, Hans. Let us know how it comes out?

I will. Will be a slow process though, because I don't have much time for guitar building these days and I alsmost exclusively work with hand tools...

Thanks for all the good glue advice, guys!

Hi, I use carbon fibre quite a bit in necks and reinforcement inside the guitar. Not CBG's.

I would recommend not using rod or tube in a neck,but a carbon fibre bar. When inside a tight fitting slot in the neck a bar has  a far greater resistance to bending. Take bar or series of thinner strips bonded together, with dimensions of say 12mm x 5mm and try to bend it, I find that it will not bend, but a carbon rod would have to be quite a lot bigger to resist the same bending force. 

I think that a rod or tube would resist compression from end to end better than resisting the bending/bowing movement in a neck.

With a bar I use a firm push fit and no glue, then glue on the fingerboard. The good thing about carbon fibre in a CBG neck is lightness.


I'm a bit confused with the wording, Taffy, but I think what you call a bar is exactly what I called a rod here... The things I'm going to use are rectangular and 10 x 5 mm.

So you don't glue them at all? Why?

Hi Hanns, in the manufacturers parts list that I buy from bar is flat rod is round. In any case your on the right track. Just so others are not confused.

I don't glue because the tightness of the fit of the bar in its slot forces any glue out as the bar is pushed in, and any glue film left is minimal. But you have have a tight fit end to end also. 

If one does not have a tight fit then l would use glue to fill any void in the slot.



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