I made a spreadsheet to calculate frets offline.


  • Up to 24 frets
  • unlimited scale length in inches
  • Decimal and fractional inches
  • Millimeter

The spreadsheet is in an open document format so should be able to be opened with all the usual spreadsheet programs, tested with LibreOffice and Excel.

The sheet is password protected so you can only change the scale length, if you want to play around with ift just unprotected the sheet, password is a blank password so just hit enter.

Fret Calc.ods

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  • Excellent tool. It saves a tremendous amount of time and give one the flexibility to change length easily. I've attached a slightly different version that I use often. It has all the cells locked except desire scale length so I don't accidentally screw up. It shows both inch and MM lengths from the nut so you choose.

    Thanks for sharing your tool.

    Fret Calculator.xlsx

  • I know it’s completely different, but have you tried FretFind2D? It prints out a chart of fret positions in mathematical form as well as a 2 dimensional template with fret lines that fits on regular letter size paper? You just cut them in half & join them with tape to get a full size template? It even has some templates for popular maker guitars & other string instruments, you can also edit & save your custom templates within the program? But, not Mac/iOS compatible? Cheers :)

  • comment didn't show even when I checked HTML. oh well.
    I tested in excel and it works great. can do fractional scales to 0.00 (17.75 versus 17.76)
    Be very handy for scales not found in standard template packs.

  • Mac iOS compatible?

    • Should be since it's using ods (Open Document Spreadsheet) don't have a Mac to test with.

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