Ok, here's a question that I haven't found any answers for in the knowledge base; I'm interested in trying an FCF tuning. My CGB has a 21" scale length. Any thoughts on what strings I should use? I was thinking I could easily tune a low E string to F, a D string to C, and a G string down to F, but is the best way to go about it? Any suggestions? I have light and medium gauge acoustic strings on because I keep them for my 6 strings.

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Depends how much tension you like, what string material you like, if you plan on playing slide or fretting or both, and what octave you want to tune to. 

I like about 15lbs on each string for a happy medium between fretting and sliding , nickel plated strings and higher pitches on shorter scales so I would probably start by trying...

F3 0.024"w    C4 0.014"p   G4 0.010"p

Check out this string tension calculator.

Thank you for your insights.  I wasn't aware that there was any such thing as a string tension calculator , lol. I must admit that while I enjoy this site immensely I often find it difficult to navigate and find things on.

No problem Austin and yes, the search on CBN is pretty bad, usually 20 pages of things not related to what I'm looking for.  Instead of using the CBN search I use Google and it usually points me to the right info here. Lol

Lol, that's a good idea, I will probably start doing that.  Lots of great info and people on CBN, I just wish it was a little more user friendly.

So I decided to go with F2, C3, and F2. Ironically figured for 15 lbs. tension it's in the same ballpark as the GDG tuning I was using! Which is G2, D3, and G3. I like the punchy sound of the F2, and best of all I didn't have to change strings ! Now we'll see how well it stays in tune with this tuning.

You mean F2, C3, F3 right?

Lol, yes. That's what I thought I wrote.

Ok, thought you might have been going for a very bassy tuning.  : )

No but I'm thinking about trying F3, C4, F4 just to see what it sounds like. 

I've a Canjo tuned to FCF, good low growl in the tone. you're best bet (my experience anyway) is to Tune an A string down to F and combine that with the C tuned C string and F tuned G string. I'd go with heavier gauge strings to get a lower growl. It is just you standard open G tuned down to open F.

You mean a C tuned D string right? That's what I got going on, ADG tuned to F2, C3, F3. The strings I got on it now are light gauge but I will probably go heavier when I decide to change them. Thanks for the advice. 

I did mean C tuned D string, yes.


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