• LMAO. Best looking slab of plywood out there. LOL I agree with KK Dirty Money. Can't really call it a Cigar box. 

  • well  , at least my teisco's a 3 stringer   ;-)  not to mention cool as hell .



  • If ur gonna do it at least stuff it inside a cigar box or a cornflakes box or something... I love will ray but I think this is pathetic
  • this is really a neat idea for a cheap guitar!

  • I figured this has been posted before. I like the idea of chopping up and modifying guitars to create weird new things, but doing this to call it a CBG strikes me as a bit odd... considering it has nothing in common with a CBG other than the shape and the fact that it has strings...

  •    This is the second time this article has been "forumed."  Maybe it will become sort of a running

       gag...  whenever things get slow,  run the Premier Guitar article ! 

  • Grand idea, I would of never thought of that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • .

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