Sometimes I find these wood pieces in some of the cigar boxes and I hate to toss anything that may actually have a repurposing use on these guitars. I was wondering a bit, so I turned the wood piece over and began to look at it as a possible bridge piece when trimmed down and turned over like that. When stained or painted, I could see a trimmed piece that was turned over so the flat part was on top may well hold a nut for a bridge on it. I was just wondering if anyone else used these pieces (not sure of their terminology, as I am not a cigar smoker) in some manner on their CBG builds?


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  • Best use for that is a little guiro / baby washboard imho. Grab a couple thimbles...
    (Sure it'll wear holes in it. Cool)
  • For sure thats a nice chunk of wood. I would inlay a piece of brass rod or sheet along the top of one of those ridges. I actually leave my bridges loose under the string tension. Swamp Rat ..I like yur rendition also....especially the Kat food dispenser! My God Man??? I'm call' in the SPCA na. He he, I've never, ever seen anything like that. If I start loos'in change, I talk to the Kat!

  • Cedar Washboard ? just add piezo beneath it for rhythm sounds as you play?...

  • I think they may be an endangered species.   Now cigar boxes come with a thin plastic piece instead of the cedar.

    • I have found both, but I really have not found a good reuse for the plastic spacers.

  • I posted a link to photo, not sure how to get the photo to just show up here.

    • Asylumbridge

      there ya  go bluesheart     ;-)

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      • Cool, thanks Pick!


    Here is a bass bridge I did with that.

  • Great idea. I use those pieces to lay my pencil, slide, files and tools in so they don't roll away on my workbench

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