• Ok, 2 coats super blonde dewaxed (think I went out with her sometime!)
    Another sand coming up, then what??
    Don’t want super glossy finish but a bit of a sheen to it that can be buffed up. Got Some waxed lemon flake, got sanderac, can get something else.
    Suggestions welcomed and thanks for replies up to now.


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  • Lion, I have used food grade ethanol (190-200 proof) and medical grade isopropyl (99.9%) for many years, with huge success? A lot of people are still using denatured alcohol (190 proof) without knowing of its toxicity?  FYI  don’t make too much, it only keeps for a year or so? Good luck (: 

  • No, you need to use pure alcohol  or ethanol  as it is sometimes called.
    When buying methylated spirits, it is the water content that can wreck your shellac finish. Big box stores metho are full of water. Get ethanol from a reputable solvent supplier, preferably a manufacturer

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