• Hi, there is copper based paint available, and it actually creates a patina over time. I have not used it so I can’t say how well it wears over time. I would fashion some of my own parts out of copper pipe and copper sheet.

    • Taffy makes good points. I have no experience either with the paint, but I have a bunch of 50+ year old water pipe. I usually polish, cut, flatten it out and shape it to needs. I use it for jack plates, tail pieces, lags for pickups, etc.

  • Oh, yea , I forgot they have an economy line made overseas? Lace in the US did a limited edition rose gold humbucker years back, seems it was a one off thing? 

  • BrianQ, 

    "Too good to be true..." and all.

  • There’s a company named Guyker that makes antique bronze tuners, they look like an old penny, but they will probably cost $40-50 a set since they’re locking tuners? FYI- rose gold parts can make a guitar look cheap or tacky, depending on the quality, beware?

  • How about antiqued brass?

    •  Lace humbuckers for $40 a pair?

    • You sure, lace humbuckers never sell under a $100 a piece?

  • No luck
    • Did you click my link?  I'm seeing  lot of options.

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