Had a couple hours to spare and a hangover to work off today, so I got another Danish Cookie Tin, a length of 2x1 and my normal assortment of bits and pieces and built this.

Now, I've been building and posting on here for some time now and I can safely say this is the nearest thing I have ever built to a proper CBG. Seriously, they've all been Diddley Bows, Canjo's and 6 string necks on big tin bodies, never a real Ciggie Box.

It is left handed as I am a lefty and its tuned to ADG, I may tune the A down to G for some open G tuning, but it sounds good as it is. And before anyone asks, yes the headstock is sanded to a point and is quite sharp.

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I've just finished my first, and next to yours it looks rubbish. You've given me a high bar to aim for. Nice piece of timber too- love the knot!
Just starting on one myself with a similar tin. Is the lid strong enough to take the tension of the bridge or did it need reinforcing?

The neck itself serves as the bracing, the length of pine I used runs right through the Tin. The hinge I use a tailpiece is screwed the lid and the main body of the tin and at the other end II have put a screw through the lid into the wood.

Alternatively you could always build it upside down and use the somewhat more rigid bottom of the tin as a better bracer, but I would still advice something on the inside to more securely screw the neck and tailpiece to.

Thanks, I was thinking of using the back though of course I would lose the visual effect. of the colourful lid. Was thinking of using strips of wood a bit like braces in an acoustic guitar.I

By the way love your use of the hinge as tailpiece. Is yours purely acoustic or is there a pickup inside? 

Its not purely acoustic, I have a pair of 25mm Piezo disc pickups glued to the underside of the lid and combined with my low tuning gives the guitar a good low growl through my amp.

Speaking of tuning, what are your thoughts of strings and tuning for your build, your tin should hold the standard 3 string Open G, but perhaps something lower or lower gauge strings might be a safer option.

I was thinking of open G but I see your point about lower tension so will see what works. WIll be using a through neck made from oak so that should take the tension but not sure how the bridge will rest on the tin yet. I have some piezo discs and also an electric pickup as an option so still lots to consider

is your bridge resting on the neck or is the tin itself taking the strain?

the bridge is resting on the neck itself. the way it is built, the neck goes right through to the end and is bolted onto the lid, so the tin itself is taking none of the strain.

However some of my other builds have not got this feature and the tin takes the whole strain from the bridge, but the tailpiece will still need something to strengthen its hold.

In terms of electrics, why not have both, wire both into a toggle switch or have them in separate jacks. 

I will probably go with a through neck too, and the other end of the 'neck' will be the tailpiece. Also toying with the idea of bracing the tin as you would an acoustic guitar top, but maybe thats for Mk II.

And yes, both electric and piezo sounds good, possibly using a blender pot.

Must finish my Whiskey Box amp first though. I'm a divil for starting a new project before finishing the previous one(s).

U can fend off hecklers with that headstock 

That's why I shaped it that way. The pics don't show it. but I gave it as sharp an edge all around it as possible. its been a year now and it has done its job well.

and offer them a cookie from the other end


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