• Yea Carl, seems like you & Paul understood the question, but it spurred a different discussion? The way I read it was, it says that he’s asking how to incorporate that 4th string with lessons that are played on a 3 string guitar? 

    • Actually instead of using D, G, B, E Chicago Tuning how about we lower it down 2 frets to C, F, A, D.

  • A 4 string to 6 string CBG conversion kit would be great but we also need to reinforce the bracing.

  • Paul Craig (on page one) told of a number of good ways to play 3 string music on a 4 string.  I can't think of any better ways.  Of course, you already know the best way.  :)

    I believe the way you worded your title led a few astray.  ;)

  • Let's say you want a 6 string CBG but you don't want to build a new instrument well you could take your 3 (or 4) string CBG & convert it into a 6 string by replacing the neck & re bracing it. I got that neat idea from Dan Lambert who converted his Oscar Schmidt 14 in. Tenor Guitar into a 6 string Grand Parlor Guitar (a good halfway point between a Grand Concert Guitar & a Parlor Guitar) by replacing the neck & re bracing it.
  • Modifying instruments might save you money but you'd have to make special conversion kits. So if you do convert a 4 string CBG to a 6 string for example I'd have to put a truss rod in it.

  • We would need to make a conversion kit because let's say you want a 4 string Cigar Box Guitar but you don't want to build a new instrument. Modifying an instrument could save you money.

  • You were right Oscar about that stated B being a G instead, my mix up.
    All my 3 or 4 string CBG's have been 25" scale except for the last 2 I built were 24" scale.
    Love those guitars you posted, they look great.

    • The JN Cask Cigar Box Tenor Guitars are perfect for Orchestral String players that wanna strum

  • J.N. Guitars made the Cask Guitars which are Cigar Box Tenor Guitars. They're also working on the 6 String Version called Cask VI: photo description available.

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