Well have ventured into the 6 string area 3 times, making a short scale 23" and the neck thru to the end of the box. I have to say I didn't like any of them, so I am going to try the Josh Gayou way, SO do you guys angle the neck any with this method, I do angle my 3 and 4 strings but I don't use the same method with those.

Thanks for any and all help!

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  • Aluminum foil is WAY cheaper. : )

  • Stew Mac now sells neck pocket shims with either 1 degree or 5 degree angles for fixing guitars. Good price too.

  • I've built a few six stringers and usually angle the neck just slightly (1~2 degrees). If I'm using a thru-neck, then I can trim a bit from the bottom end to get the angle. Shimming on the neck side would also work.

    It doesn't take much angle to work and sure doesn't hurt anything.

  • I've worked on and have owned a few guitars that came from the factory with shims under the neck. I've made one 6 sting. Used a factory made neck and stoptail bridge. Angled the neck using folded aluminum foil. Kept setting and reseting till I hit the sweet spot. 

  • For my licence plate 6 string I had to have a break angle , due to using a tune o matic bridge and Bigsby tremolo. I just shimmed under the neck heel. With Tele and Strat hard tail bridges you don't need that angle , as those bridges can sit pretty low.  I guess it really depends on the type bridge you decide to use.

  • I'd let the bridge height dictate whether you need to set the neck or not,i like a bit of rake on my necks as it's easier to dial the bridge in,but if your using a pre made bridge,that should be your reference pont

    • Okay Darryl you are starting to talk the guitar playing talk, 'Rake', that's the thing you use in the yard, isn't it!
    • I've made a few guitars that should be buried

  • I've made 3 six strings in the last few years and I have never angled the necks of any of them, I simply mount them straight as I would on a solid bodied instrument. I find it very effective for the six string models and agree it is effective for the 3 string model. may I ask what bridge type you intend to use as an angled neck may not be as effective with, for example, a hardtail Stratocaster bridge.

    • Yes JP, I was planning on using a hard tail bridge, I hadn't thought about this aspect of the build.
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