I am building a cbg for order and the box is 12 and 1/2 " inches  long I use a 24and 1/2" scale  length so the fret board is running way into the box. So the Question is how do yall handle this?????

The box is what the customer wants and I am at a lose as to do I just let the scale length run over the box with unusable frets or just cut it short at the end of the box????

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  • I just finished a guitar with a 13 1/4" length box.  The neck joins the body at the 17th fret with a 25 inch fret scale. 

    Easy access up the neck and it stays in tune better than any guitar I own.

    The Koa tailpiece design is holding up so far.  The metal mount is just a piece of L channel that I epoxied and screwed the wood to.  Similar mount to your photo of Twins 06.  I cut a thin metal strip and placed it inside the string mount compartment to keep the strings from pulling through.  You can vary the length of the tailpiece to fit your need, might work for you or give you other ideas to try.


    • Thanx for the pick and thats a great idea, I think I am going to use what i used on the monte cristo box , if you look at my pics!

  • As long as frets 12-17 can be comfortably used to play at the octave position i would think you are good.

  • I think I am stressing out over nothing after I slept on it. But thanks for the input.

    I get this way when some one orders specifics, most of the time I just build and it works out for the good!

    • yes, the total string length is def a consideration, especially if you shift the whole lot by having more frets (neck) clear of the box.  Cheaper strings are often considerably shorter than the name brands, barely enough to do a fender sometimes.  You can shift the ball ends closer by making a cool tailpiece and still have it free of the top, suspended only from the box end by a tailgut or similar.  They're reasonably easy to knock out from sheetmetal or a bit of fingerboard scrap

    • Trapeze bridge, like so:


      You can make 'em from forks, like I do, or metal spatulas, like one of Seasick Steve's, or from wire coat hangers, etc. or like those on a violin from scrap with a tailgut, like the Kid is suggesting.

      That's a sweet looking box, Jimbo.
    • Now that is a interesting bridge!

    • It`s not a bridge ..it`s a tailpiece

    • Randy's right, it's a tailpiece. It would be one possible solution to your problem...
    • Yes, I definitely dont want to mess it up!

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