Well, I strung her up today. And the intonation issues are bad enough that there is no way I'm gonna upload a sound clip. Nope. But she's kinda pretty to look at. Not sure how I'll fix the intonation... I think the bridge is too high. Maybe. (EDIT: I was able to fix the intonation issue and she sounds great now! I put a video on youtube here: https://youtu.be/hU_EQgi3Fbg )







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  • Sounds great, glad you got it sorted!
  • Very good build and sound for a first build.

    The video shows it well.
  • very nice job. great tune. and as others have said we need the tab for that.. lol

  • Hey Richard, it sounds great! I just watched the video. You're off to a great start with this hobby. I made a huge mistake when I got into this. I got swept up in building, and didn't spend enough time playing and/or learning to play them. I made a few junkers :P

  • Ok, here's a short video. The first and only CBG song I've learned how to play, played on my first CBG built from scratch. https://youtu.be/hU_EQgi3Fbg

    • Well done.

    • That was great. You should post that video in the song-how-to section.

    • It's got a great sound, congrats. Nice choice of tune too. Thanks for sharing.

      The Bane

  • Nice lookin' git. Now, about that sound sample... :)

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