Cbgitty says that you can hack the psycho knob by adding a gain pot to it. Can anyone elaborate? Pictures would be really helpful. Thanks so much

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isnt the psycho knob a passive device? will have to look into it...

By memory, i think it has an on board pot, a set and forget trimmer, i think the hack was to wire a pot in it's place, I'm only working from my memory, but that's my 2c

I have one... I would recommend desoldering the trimpot if you can, as there is some risk with the rip and replace method.  The trim pot is 10k ohms, and you will need three wires...

let me know if you need a pic...

A picture or two would be incredibly helpful.


I'd second the pic thing.. I thought it was about what you mentioned but wasn't sure.. 

I will be trying the same thing when I get to wiring up the git I bought the psycho knob for.

Here’s are two pics... seem I cannot embed pics.. but..

10k pot, the second pic shows the three solder pads, which should line up with the three connections on a pot.

Having used a few of these, I don’t see th value in doing this.. in bypass there is no gain, in the first position, the gain is set by the pot, and each increasing positoin increases the gain though insane amounts of overdrive.


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