Unfortunately I do not have the tools and am often on the move these days to workshop something but I was curious as there are CBG Kits if there are easy assembled stompbox kits out there as well?

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Head on over to eBay and search "Stomp Box Kit" and you'll find lots of bits and pieces and complete rigs.

Hmm...I just did a search. Only found FX pedals. Good thing though is I found some inexpensive percussion stomp boxes for sale. 

Sounds like you are on your way. Good luck with it.

Hey, thanks. Yeah, someday I'll build my own. I like the box + license plate + bass pickups idea.

Hi, I use a bass pickup.


Got an empty box and an old speaker  ?  there's your kit .

 A speaker will act as a piezo or  microphone  when  connected to amp jack . .  Mount your speaker  flat against the  bottom inside  of box  with material or light foam . or scott towel. between , so its not right against the wood .   (no hole cutout  , it aint a speaker now )  .   add a jack  and fill the rest of the box with  foam , / old socks, / your wife's beanie baby collection etc  .. put the lid on ,   ...and boom!  . bob's your gay Aunt . 

good luk .

or do the same with  a piezo  or rod piezo. etc ..

or .. drill a hole in the side of your work boot sole  (by the   ball  under    big toe) ,  stuff a rod piezo in there  . (tight )  .   put boot on..... and tap your foot.  ;-)

What a great idea Pick, I was wondering what to do with this. I thought I would place piezo's in different places and make them switchable. Just got to remember to unplug my boot before leaving the stage. Or better still go cordless.


ha.. you can skip the drill and just glue it after  ;-) 

Yeah I always wondered which would be better bass pickups or a speaker. 

ps .. use a bass amp or PA system .. save your  "guitar" amp from potential  damage .



just a couple of ideas that google shows.... i cant find the one that uses a headphone speaker . he glued the magnet to the board and a weight to the speaker cone. either a nut from a bolt or a couple of coins.

So good ideas there. I'm also wondering about a tone knob of sorts, or one of those 3 band EQs used on acoustic guitars to add to the stomp. So if you were busking with an amp with 2 inputs you could low pass the stomp without having to touch the amp. 


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