Contest is closed and we have now chosen three winners from all the entries!!!

FIRST PLACE and a $100 gift certificate to goes to Heatmiser George and his skeletal-carved "Johnny Coffinwood" guitar:

SECOND PLACE and a $50 gift certificate to is D S Phillips with his gory "Ed Gein" guitar:

THIRD PLACE & a $25 C. B. Gitty gift certificate goes to JD Swann with "Voodoo"


These contests are almost impossible to judge, especially with so many noteworthy entries.  Congratulations to all the winners and a huge shout out to all the entries!

CONTEST IS CLOSED.  THANKS FOR ENTERING!  Original contest information below along with all entries:

It's that time of year!  We're looking for the wildest Halloween-inspired homemade instruments.  Coffin basses, creepy guitars, musical chainsaws, axe guitars, grave digger shovel guitars... get weird or go home!

The rules:

  1. Post your entries below. NO MORE THAN THREE PHOTOS AND ONE VIDEO PER ENTRY.  Include a one paragraph description with your entry.
  2. Entries must be submitted between September 25 and October 22, 2017.
  3. Entries must not have been submitted to any other Cigar Box Nation contest in the past.
  4. Instruments must be built by the submitter.


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My entry to the Halloween Build-Off
Hand carved skully soundhole, Spectraply neck, 4 pole pickup, hand painted fretboard and body with decal fret markers made and displayed in Sleepy Hollow, NY


Did this one last year, not much of a player but it smells nice after the candle burns awhile. Might be the first guitar I ever smashed.

Left handed three string skull stick ,reclaimed mahogany/resin skull,bound walnut fingerboard.

My Halloween inspired Demon Knight.
Soft Maple Neck, Walnut Fretboard with toothpick frets, homemade surface mount pickup.


This is my spookiest ukulele. In honor of Halloween I recorded The Munsters theme on it.

Oops. I've entered this one before.

This is the first 6 string I ever built. I call it the Ghostcaster. It's construction is very similar to a Thin line Telecaster

Bio Hazard Ukulele

I Painted it with chalkboard paint so that it could be drawn on.

The 'Screamin' Demon' CBG slide guitar is finished. Handcrafted 'demon' bridge cover, tail end flames, and hand painted devil blues band dancing in the fire. Can be played acoustically or plugged in has an internal piezo pickup. Everything except the strings, tuners, and pickup made from recycled wood, tin can, deer antlers, drawer handle, dowel rods, and an old cigar box.

My entry into the Halloween build off.
3-string fretless blues box slide guitar. 24.5 scale.(Voodoo). I repurposed an 87 Yr old dresser I acquired from a cousin in new orleans for the box. Disco tone pick-up, medium Blues Blaster strings in GDG, with an oak neck. Black skull tuners and volume control. Red LED interior light and blood red crystals for the neck/fret markers. Resonator springs installed as well. Thank you C.B. Gitty for your support.
Thanks for looking and good luck to all the other entries.

Think you're having a rough day? Meet Henry.....He's a bloody three piece semi-hollow body guitar that's been speared through his head and neck. The eyes not only give a third dimension but also double as the sound holes. Toilet paper and glue give the weathered skin look on the body and bloody fingerprints act as the fret markers. The bottom of the spear with neck is removable. Happy Halloween and thank you for the consideration!





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