Had a intervieuw This afternoon whit Roman ZAJICEK "Rozawood Guitars"Tsjechie.

He is a Master Luthier maybee the Best there is in Europe,from the Old school Builders.

There was a Workshop at The Fellowship of Acoustics near my hometown in Dedemsvaart Holland.

In the intervieuw we talk on topics like strings,Woods,dobro's, that past ,while we where at the workshop in the Vintage & rare guitar store from Rudi Bults The Fellowschip of Acoustics in Dedemsvaart,Holland.

His guitars have a distinctif sound that have no comparance whit standaard American or other Europian Guitars.So i started of asking him about strings, myself i am having some resevations on the choice of strings,i dont think it has to do whit what brand, but more what strings u use for what sound on what instrument, like you have the Lapsteel ;it uses thick and smooth strings, but i can not use those on my Dobro,and  big roundwounds sound to rambling  to my ear.

The other Day i broke a string on my long time set of Martins&co "Silk&Steel", who i like on my Dobro and some of my own builds,Seeing a Video by "Roy Rodgers"years ago he recomended them and i stuck whit that for years,but now they where out of sale and i had to make do whit "Martins& co"Vintage, whits  i find not that swell to my ears, and when i quot BrianQ on this when he remarked me on a Ry Cooder Quot : that he liked his strings for slide to be flat & stail for optimum sliding.While de same set (i bothTwo) sounds a millioen on my Susuki "Nagoya"est 1885 .And like on my Favorit CBG Slider i have a Ernie Ball Set 008 from ADGB,sounding whit a humbucker pickup mind you superbo,So what do you think is the consensus on this ;

Thick or Thin? Flatwound or Roundwound? copperwound or silverwound? cheap or exspencif?

Is there any theory on this ? and what are your exspirience?

A.D.Eker     Builder/Player  BCB (BlackCatBone)  CBG's Holland.

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Comment by A.D.EKER on June 15, 2020 at 7:43am

Thanks for that Order99 ,when it comes to strings ,we all use them we all have stories about them and they will be in our dayly pleasure , for maybee the rest off our lives so they surely pac a punch!

nomatther how your skills (hands) abbilleties are ,no need for shame , every man woman or child does things to there abbilletys ,regardles of talent abbilety or financial input ! thanks for your input on the topic ! well appriciated !

Comment by Order99 on June 14, 2020 at 7:45pm

 Well, the best strings in the Universe will do no good if you have the playing skills of an epileptic Manatee-

(raises flippers in shame)

 -BUT I have built enough to have a few preferences...

Martin Dulcimer Strings-work really well on both Lap and Walkabout Dulcimers as advertised...but so light and stretchable that I was once able to turn a kid's toy guitar (after a little reinforcing of the neck block and some soundboard bracing) into a passable 4-string Mandolino (G-D-A-E) with no buzz at the lower or break at the far as I know it's still in one piece and playing as of four years ago, and if it ever breaks I am guaranteed first dibs on the Autopsy/rebuild.

 Martin Light Banjo strings-I used them on all my Banjo-style builds and love them, very easy on my fingers and still loud enough for the job. So light in fact that I once took a mid-quality Kona Uke and turned it into a UkeJo (DGBD) as a favor to a friend,and despite my misgivings about  too much pressure on the bridge and belly, it lasted at least three years-I will never know if the poundage would have been an issue since my buddy(henceforth known as EL KABONG! as punishment) utterly wrecked the UkeJo forever by using it as a War Cub in a Bar Brawl (SOB!) least the neck survived to become the Gourd on Blue Mini-banjo, which I promtly gave away to a MORE RESPONSIBLE customer!

  The Aquila Nylgut strings- A $3 Hello Kitty Thrift Store Uke  was subjected to a thorough Paint Removal, Tuner-tightening and a coat of Honey-colored Shellac and turned out to have a decent sound-but fresh Nylgut replacing of the original toy strings turned the former toy from "Hmmm...not bad" into "Oh My God How Much Will Take to Buy This"?

 And most Amazingly my StradB Uke was strung with 30lb fishing line (THANK YOU TITCH THE CLOWN!!!). Although it was not the equal of Aquilla and took an entire week to settle into tune, the action is as soft as whipped cream and surprisingly even and musical-and I have over two hundred feet of the stuff left for future builds if I want at $4 for an entire roll...pretty nice stuff for kid's toys (that actually play) and student builds...

 I would eventually like to see more details on Harp and Lute strings along with Tuning instructions, because with the Covid-19 Unpleasantness I might have time to expand my horizons (and questionable skill) just a bit... :D

Comment by BrianQ. on December 10, 2018 at 6:46pm

Don’t forget they also make strings for classical guitars as well as banjos? 

Comment by A.D.EKER on December 10, 2018 at 5:53pm

Thanks to JIm 's Input  we need not forget the UKe Strings ,i did put metal strings on my UKE to be able to slide ! NO NEED WHIT AQUILA Nylgut strings they slide just aswell !  Thanks Jim !

Comment by A.D.EKER on December 10, 2018 at 5:48pm

Ziko special exstra thin anyone?

Comment by BrianQ. on November 24, 2018 at 7:08pm

I meant if you dare to pay the premium price, you won’t be disappointed?

Comment by A.D.EKER on November 24, 2018 at 7:01pm

What you mean dare? BrianQ, something to do whit the Pireamid?

Comment by BrianQ. on November 24, 2018 at 2:04pm

Haven’t seen those Pyramids for awhile, good stuff if you dare?

Comment by A.D.EKER on November 24, 2018 at 1:19pm

Comment by A.D.EKER on November 24, 2018 at 1:19pm

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