Given1) That the history of the cigar box, and thus the history of the cigar box guitar, places the cigar box no earlier than the 1840's, about 20 years prior to the Civil War, and2) That the earliest known engraving or picture of a cigar box instrument shows two Union soldiers sitting in camp, one of them playing a homemade fiddle made from a Figaro cigar box,I found this announcement from late July this summer particularly interesting: album features well-known country and Americana musicians and producers, interpreting famous songs of the Civil War. One hopes that at least one CBG was used.Look for it this fall!
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  • She is awesome and here band ROCKS
  • Thanks for the update Oily, I will dl this soon.  Chock full of some great Americana musicians. 

    RTZ, I've never heard Ashley Monroe before and now I'm in love. 

  • They have a Bi-monthly writing contest I have been wanting to enter. I just went to the site deadline for Jan-Feb. 2014 is Nov. 15. if you win you get a Gisbn guitars and a writing time with Ashley Monroe. If you don't know who that is check this out.


  • OK, resurrecting this thread...the album's out! A double album's worth of Civil War songs, with loads of famous artistes. Called Divided and United: Songs of The Civil War. Just downloaded it a coupla days ago, and have been slowly giving it a listen: Wowzers!

    Available on Amazon and iTunes...
  • We should definitely do this and I'll volunteer for mixing work as I feel it is my duty to the Nation.

  • Ok we're up to maybe 7 or 8... Starting to look like a quorum. I'll put out an official discussion / call for participants post in the next day or two. I will probably be asking for mixing help. I can do artwork / album cover, unless someone else wants to.
  • Is Chris Tinker still hanging out here? He brought the idea up last year as well.

  • I forgot all about this one.

    Sure. I guess I'll put in for Battle Cry or Johnny Comes Marching Home. Might be cool to do them again after another year of playing/practicing. I've tinkered with Ashokan Farewell a little bit too.  

  • I remember that, SlowHound...good stuff. So, you want in?
  • I went through a Civil War phase last year. I might be able to something for this project.


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