Had a intervieuw This afternoon whit Roman ZAJICEK "Rozawood Guitars"Tsjechie.

He is a Master Luthier maybee the Best there is in Europe,from the Old school Builders.

There was a Workshop at The Fellowship of Acoustics near my hometown in Dedemsvaart Holland.

In the intervieuw we talk on topics like strings,Woods,dobro's, that past ,while we where at the workshop in the Vintage & rare guitar store from Rudi Bults The Fellowschip of Acoustics in Dedemsvaart,Holland.

His guitars have a distinctif sound that have no comparance whit standaard American or other Europian Guitars.So i started of asking him about strings, myself i am having some resevations on the choice of strings,i dont think it has to do whit what brand, but more what strings u use for what sound on what instrument, like you have the Lapsteel ;it uses thick and smooth strings, but i can not use those on my Dobro,and  big roundwounds sound to rambling  to my ear.

The other Day i broke a string on my long time set of Martins&co "Silk&Steel", who i like on my Dobro and some of my own builds,Seeing a Video by "Roy Rodgers"years ago he recomended them and i stuck whit that for years,but now they where out of sale and i had to make do whit "Martins& co"Vintage, whits  i find not that swell to my ears, and when i quot BrianQ on this when he remarked me on a Ry Cooder Quot : that he liked his strings for slide to be flat & stail for optimum sliding.While de same set (i bothTwo) sounds a millioen on my Susuki "Nagoya"est 1885 .And like on my Favorit CBG Slider i have a Ernie Ball Set 008 from ADGB,sounding whit a humbucker pickup mind you superbo,So what do you think is the consensus on this ;

Thick or Thin? Flatwound or Roundwound? copperwound or silverwound? cheap or exspencif?

Is there any theory on this ? and what are your exspirience?

A.D.Eker     Builder/Player  BCB (BlackCatBone)  CBG's Holland.

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Comment by BrianQ. on November 9, 2018 at 11:46am

I’m surprised they don’t have them where you are? Ernie ball has been making Earthwood strings for 25+ years. I actually like them better than the electric slinky’s. They come in weird sizes, starting with an extra light gauge 10-10.5 even an odd 11.5 up to the regular acoustic sets at 12 or 13. My only gripe is they don’t have the long lifespan, they kinda loose their playing edge & go flat after a short while. Which is a characteristic of phosphor bronze being softer than something like nickel or steel wound. But they have warmer tone than ghs & Dunlop brands, so if you like a bright sound, then these are not for you,but definitely worth the price. I believe all Ernie ball strings are still made in U.S.? Tip: Economy  or price point strings are all made in China, that’s why they don’t carry a premium price? I tend to stay away from these, they’re ez on your wallet,but are made with inferior materials. Working at a music store, I get to pick the brains of every supplier rep who comes in the door, they love to talk so much that they’ll spill all the secrets of the industry. Cheers 

Comment by Andries D. EKER on November 9, 2018 at 11:02am

Thanks Jeff ! take your time No Hurry ! earthwood Strings? must be local? New? or do you use them all the time! are they USA Made ? 0r China? co'se i found out that some USA Brand strings are prodused in China!

Comment by Jeff 'Bones' Reilly on November 8, 2018 at 3:10pm

Haven’t played for a while but getting close to be able to , so I’ve restrung my Sigma 6 string with some of Earthwood  I’ll give you a report after next week or so AD . 

Comment by Andries D. EKER on November 8, 2018 at 7:12am

Hello there Paul C thanks for your contribution on the topic ! appriciated ! Yea's price is offcource the biggest opsteacle whit most type strings ,as for players it whoed be handy to have a singlestring sale for every brand we know , but i think thats asking to much ! Maybee thats why so many diddley Bows are being build ,because of all the left over strings from the sets you buy to fix up the set you need for playing, cause if you are a 3 or 4 string player you tend to have a lot of left over strings, how about you guys, what do you do whit your strings not used ?

Comment by Paul Craig on November 8, 2018 at 1:34am

I've been using D'Addario Phosphor Bronze(light gauge .012-.053) for my acoustic's and their Nickel Wound XL(regular light .010-.046) for my electric's since the late 80's. All Round Wound, but I'd like to get a couple sets of Flat Wound strings for slide guitar  and fretless bass/baritone guitar because they don't have as much finger noise while playing and moving/sliding up and down the fingerboard.

The Flat Wound strings are a bit pricey though. The reason I haven't tried them yet.

Comment by Andries D. EKER on November 6, 2018 at 6:25pm

Comment by Andries D. EKER on November 6, 2018 at 6:18pm

Thanks BrianQ for your remark on (all made in the same Factory) so Daddario Fender Dean Markley are all made in the same factory? now im getting curious? most of the represented string are Made in the USA. My( La Bella ) i use the Gold' come from Spain , are there consentrations of string industry? Is it related to the Metal Industry? i think it is stange that diverend Brands are Prodused in the same factory! And i ame a heavy bender and slider to but like i sayed before some times whit thin string (008) i get the feel i like ,and on my lapsteel i have 0.18 for the high E

and get the same feel? how can this be? i only ten to break high E's when playing solo, when heavy bending ,and i can only heavy bend whit thin strings, i have enough callas on the vingertips but bending a heavy string hurts & is to much work! and playing is not supose to be work !!

And yes Cris maybee pick 's strings are produced in the same factory aswell, allthow being from Canada it may bee a differend story! Steel is the Best for sliding whit out a dought ! allthow nylon can give a fine sound aswell (Now im hearing the fine bass of Jim Morris whit these warm nylongut strings) and my blacks GBE  on my Spanisch Guitar. Not to forget the the distinctif Warm Plinka plonk from my Ukelele( i have 3 Two nylon 1 whit steel) we now have a new dealer on the Net ,you order whit eMail,  and they are in the mail the Next day rezonal price but helaas not all brands! And Yes i mix up brands and thicknes in my sets aswell.  ThaNKS GUY'S FOR YOUR cONTRUBUTION ! aPPRICIATED !!

Comment by Chris Lyons on November 6, 2018 at 4:17pm

I honestly like Swampwitch strings and Ernie Ball. If you hold a Swampy string up to plenty of other strings, there are a lot more winds on the Swampy. I like Ernie Ball because the quality is right around The Swampys but price and ease of obtaining them are very good. That's just me I don't know what the debate is but wanted to weigh in. For my tremolo I like Fender bullets and I think steel strings are best for metal. 

Comment by BrianQ. on November 5, 2018 at 8:03pm

You’re better off with Ernie ball, I tried the newer Dunlop acoustic & electric strings, nothing special here, I like D’addario,Fender & Dean markley(all made in same factory)  as well as La Bella , I also put my own sets together. pure nickel for everything,  I prefer a warm vintage tone, so I play heavy gauge strings, 12’s for electric, 13’s for acoustic & 16’s for lapsteel. I find playing heavy gauge strings prevents me from string breakage, I’m a real deep heavy bender. 

Comment by Andries D. EKER on November 5, 2018 at 6:11pm

Thanks Fellors ,and yea its a debateble topic,and probely a personal preference from player to player, but sins they play the biggest role in the hole matter ,the more we talk about it is a exchange of knowledge that can be exchanged to one own preference, and in that way there is allway's something that you overlookt or forgot about like the Paradigma strings (nearly unbreakeble) to me they are a new thing never seen them overhere ,and believe it i break a lot ,there are to many tunings i like to try ,and i change a lot in the open tunings on my Instruments.

the same whit elixir i lookt back and i did use them in the past on my 12 string (thats now a 6 String0 but forgot about it ,and there is not one brand that is holy and useble for all. but in general are the ernie ball's ( sins i play a lot electric) the most favoreble and price worthy.

The Jim Dunlop i never used the are not availeble in my neck of the woods, anyone have any 

knowledge about those?

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