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The Edge
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  • Thank you for the "LIkes" Order99! This is one of my favorite builds.

  • Thank you Derek, Keith and Daniel! I do appreciate it.

  • Thank you Derek! It was a fun build and is the best sounding electric I have right now despite the strange white pressed powdery stuff the top is made of. (Not even trying to guess what it is.)

  • Elegant build Ray! I like the look of the 3-pole pickup too.

  •  Thank you Mr. Eker! The birch neck was a bit  of an experiment for me, but it turned out to be the second slickest neck I've built. I love it. The slickest was maple.

     Yes, Andries, that is one of my 32 gauge wall-wart wired jobs made with a hard-drive magnet, machine screws and nuts and manogany. About 875 winds. Sounds pretty sweet.

  • Nice Looker Ray ! whit fingertipping fretless slide board ! Nice Build ! Hand wound Pick Up?

  • Thank you very much, Uncle John! One of my lesser driven hobbies has been photography. Thought about trying my hand at selling prints, but figured I'd just be wasting my time. I love doing it, though.

  • Wow, Ray.  Looks good.  And that photo looks like a print and framer.

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