Saw Blade Chugger

23” scale length, approximately 200 and 100 lb test flourocarbon fishing line strings, GD tuned. Neck from a 2x4. Kluson locking tuners. 3D printed components including the PLAstic fantastic saw blade (original metal saw blade did not work with a piezo disc pickup).
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  • Piezo’s do amplify any type of sound Alan. The problem is the resonant frequency of the blade is an F, so when you play an F chord it’s louder than all the rest. Not a problem if your song doesn’t have any F’s in it. I learned something new on this build.

  • Been waiting for this one, pity about the Metal Saw Blade not working with a Piezo Pickup, I thought Piezo's magnified any type of sound or noise :-) 

  • Wow. Very clever. I like the way you're making CBGs really accessible with 3-D printed parts.

  • Thanks Jerry! I wish it sounded as good as it looks. I have been working at it, but still have buzz issues.

  • Raising the bar!

  • Thanks for the good words Brian. The body was the longest print and it was probably around 5 hours (a short print for many avid 3D printing enthusiasts). I started the print at a slower speed and sped it up after the bottom of the body was done. I haven’t totaled up all the print time, but I estimate it is around 8-9 hours.

  • How many hours of printing for this one Doug? You keep pushing the bar, and I like it!!! :)

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