Picture dated June 20 2018

She has a ton of sustain in her baritone voice when plugged in. The pickup helps a lot. With the pressed paper top it is quiet, good thing, it sucks accoustically.Still a fun player.
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  • Thank you mcuh, Order99.

  • Thank you Uncle John and T-Gripped for the "Likes"!

  • The cigar shop guy told me it was wood when I bought it. I doubted that, but t was slim pickins when I got this one, so I tried it. I have toyed with the idea of trading the lid for a maple ply one, but this is only about my sixth build and am reluctant to change it that drastically
  •  I thought so too. 

  • You can tell by tapping with a fingernail if they’re wood or not, hollow sound (wood) abrupt  thud (paper)? 

  •  Hi Brian,

     My first Partagas was all wood as well. 

     When I cut the notch for the neck in this one, I noticed the sides are wood ply but when I cut the hole for the top, it was made of a bluish grey press paper. (Cost-saving measure?) Bottom and sides are all plywood.

     I hope you aren't unknowingly sitting on some of the paper topped ones... I had two for awhile before I realized it. The cigar guy still denies they are made of paper. Wish I had saved the cut out pieces.

  • I have a few of those, but mine are all wood?

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