My Teardrop on the "Rack", photo 1

Wet bending wood... Take a 5 foot length of sapelli trim wood (5cm wide by 0.5cm thick), soak in warm water for 1 hour, then force around an old 8" hand-drum hoop, clamp down and let dry a few days and you've got (almost) a teardrop shaped body frame. Add a "head block" to hold the two loose ends together, and perhaps a "tail block" to reenforce the bottom of the teardrop and you have your body frame. Add a back board, soundboard, and a bolt-on head/neck assembly and you just about have an instrument. Or, at least, that's my plan. Will try it and see. Stay tuned to this link to follow my progress:
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  • I like it. I bet that is going to be really pretty and great sounding.

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