Is CaliFest happening in 2023?

I haven't seen/heard anything on the forums (or perhaps I just missed it).
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  • Nice poster Poorness! 

  • So.... Looks like Silent Jim is now absent?

  • Jim….only cool……and clean cats welcome.

    • Uncle, I’ll take your advice. Your usually right, but this gets embarrassing in public. I’ll let you know.
  • Scratch where it itches.

  • Hi, Rick, that would be great! I can always come up with a couple Swamp Witch tunes to contribute. as a tribute to Pick. and shouldn't that picture Silent Jim be change to Chinas communist president? Xi Jinping Hugging Lying Biden If Trump was Still President none of this would have happen. and We would all be better off.       

  • Richard and Silent Jim.  Good to see you guys.  I am getting so old and forgetful!  I don't remember that almost site wide support of the invasion of the Ukraine.   

  • If this pic did nothing else, it got a lot of comments. :-D

  • Heck yea Rich, missed ya!!! Great to hear you’re still busy, $#!&@ happens :D I’m always busy myself!! Can’t wait to see what Erasmo has in store? I’ll be running the CBD tent again for all you arthritics, stop by & get some gummies, they’re on the house!!! 

  • Hey guys. It’s been a while. Been busy and playing music, not so much CBGs so I haven’t had much new to post,  and taking care of life happens things. I was contacted by a Nation friend that there’s an interest in CallyFest 2023. I’ve read all the comments here. Great opinions, feelings and ideas. I’ll pass this by everyone and see if it flies. Last year was a great festival with outstanding contributions. It was in honor of our loss of a great friend Dave Lynas. I was thinking of honoring the passing of another great CBN friend, Anomalous Pick this time around. There’s a lot of Swamp Witches out there, maybe have a SW Stage. And of course all the other stages to support the many genres here. Thinking of doing it a week or so, starting April 1 or Easter weekend. Give everyone a chance to get some videos ready. Missed the March Madness dates, which worked during Covid. Springtime CallyFest. What do you think? Suggestions please. The tickets have been printed, thanks to A. D. Great job my friend. And yeah, a Hick Stage Andries, cool!

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