Iroko Man Build

Iroko and birch... Perhaps my first semi-hollow body...
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  •  Thank you gentlemen! Just hoping I don't screw this up. It's still very early in the design stage, still not sure if I'll try to hollow it out in the back some. Iroko is very dense and heavy. I have another piece of Iroko that will  be made into a five or six string lap steel with the help of a strip of mahogany that I have, before I build this one. 

     If you have an interest in different stories from different cultures, the story of the Iroko Man is fascinating. (West Africa where the tree grows and the origin of the diddley bow and blues beats are thought to be from.) Worth looking it up. Not sure if he has anything to do with Mojo or not. (grin)

  • Beautiful woods.  

  • Fine looking wood Southern Ray! Will make a mighty fine build.

  • A couple of nice chunks of Lumber there Southern Ray, had to look up Iroko though, a Wood I was not previously aware of. :-)

  • Thank you Keith, Thank you A.D.!

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