Fretless Appalachian Mountain Banjar

Fretless Appalachian Mountain Banjar
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  • Cool.  Yep, I'd guess Jim would basically say about the same.  Honestly, I have completely worn out frets on a couple fretted, and re-fretting/having re-fretted is a hassle.  I would honestly rather just go with nylon on a fretless and not have to worry about wear/tear on frets/fingerboard/fingers/no rusty strings/no caked in dead skin/cheese(I'm telling you - my #1 fretted banjo and I have melded to each other).  I have a FB friend from across the pond that comes to mind regarding steel string fretless.  He plays steel strings on a partially metal fingerboard fretless.  Man does it ever make for a great, ringing sound!  And the finger slides with steel strings on metal fingerboard are outta sight!  I'm no melodic virtuoso, but I like to get as many melody notes involved as possible when playing for texture!  And nothing compares to a single string note slide with a single finger for REALLY determining precisely where the note lies on the board.  With that you can introduce a whole other dynamic to playing as well w/ slight sharp or slight flat, so on and so forth.    

  • I asked the same question of Jim Morris and his answer was similar.  I get it. 

  • Thx, John.  I don't know that I would say better, but I prefer them as the tunes I play on this by and large go back to the days of gut strings.  

  • I like the dime and look. 

    Are the nylon strings better for fretless?

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