Five-String Cigar Box Mandolin

Built following the 1922 Cigar Box Mandolin plans. 14" scale length. Tuned in 5ths: CGDAE. Basically a mandolin & mandola combined into one. Rough cut 2x4 & an old broomstick for the neck. Tin frets. Old hardwood flooring for the tuners, nut, bridge & saddle. Bailing wire for the "tailpiece".
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  • Definitely looks rustic, even antique. If I hadn't been told differently here I'd have believed if someone told me it was from the 19th century! Great, great look and I want one times a zillion.

  • anyone see a phallic symbol .,.,.?? 

  • Amazing. You have mastered the relic look!

  • Thank you
  • "Well Done," certainly captured the Rustic/Antique look!!!!!!

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