THIs is a cigar box diddly bow i built with a chair leg as the neck. The string consists of hemp twine. My sources of inspiration are the article "How to build a cigar box guitar" In Make Magazine, Volume 4, as well as the cigar box diddly bow kit by C.B. Gitty.

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  • Thanks, Uncle John!

  • Looks like a po-boy diddley.  Just dandy!

  • You are very welcome, Glenn. Glad to know I inspired you.


  • Very cool, now to get some hemp string and give it a go, ha! Thanks again Johnathan! -Glenn

  • "Chair leg diddly bow 1 (Chairlegdiddlybow1) is the name for the video. YOu are very welcome, Glenn.

  • Great, thx Jonathan, I'll check 'er out :) -Glenn

  • I have a recent video where i demonstrate this diddly bow. Please check it out. I thiink i might describe the sounds as a sort of musical "thump, thump, thump." Okay, at least steel strings and nylon strings are flexible enough for you to tune them easliy. You can tighten something like hemp twine or packaging string only so much. 

  • So Johnathan, I love Make Mag. too, sweet stuff! But how does the hemp twine sound compared to steel or nylon strings? Would love to hear this diddley! -Glenn

  • Nice! And why not?!! -Glenn

  • Thanks, Doug.  Very much agreed.

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