Arturo Fuente box using the thin bottom of the box as the top of the git. 24 inch, poplar neck, GDG. Screw on block bridge, I kept having to shave off bits of the bridge block bottom to reduce the string height. Good sound, loud. Big sound hole is the size of a spray paint can lid because that’s the only circle shape I had at hand.
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  • This looks good, Warren. I like the off set neck placement.

  • Very unique look Warren! I like it. The bottoms of those Arturo Fuente boxes are really resonant compared to the thick tops, so not surprised you are getting good volume. I have a whole different approach to getting the bridge height right; I just print a new one, taller or shorter as necessary. Yes, I’m lazy. I even emboss the height on the back side of the bridge, so if the action changes down the road, I know what the adjustment will be.

  • Can’t say that I have used pennies or dimes to raise a bridge, but have seen them used to good effect. From previous craft projects I have ridiculous numbers of tongue depressors and popsicle sticks, so when I need to raise a bridge I dive into that stash. Plus if I used pennies or dimes it would dramatically affect the value of my instruments!

  • Coolness! And what Uncle John said, great info. there. -Glenn

  • Looks really good.  You said you have to shave some of bridge bottom.  Do you use the good trick of using pennies as spacers if the bridge is too low?   Dimes work too, but they cost like ten times as much.

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