AGP #474 - ''The Music Train''

AGP #474 – “The Music Train”3 String Fretless Relict GuitarStrings: .044NW .030NW .020NWTuned: G D gThe Box Sides and Neck are offcuts of recycled roadside pickup Hardwood Garden Sleepers, the Bottom is recycled 16mm Pine Plywood, the Soundboard is recycled 6mm Hardwood Packing Plywood, all Timber was coated with a 50/50 mixture of Linseed Oil & Turpentine.A 12.3k Dual Rail Humbucker is wired through Vol and Tone Pots to the Output Jack.The Machine Heads are from cheap Junk Shop 6 Stringers.I found “The Music Train” pic somewhere on the internet, and liked it so much, I just had to incorporate it into a Build, which I done by Pyrographing it into the Soundboard. :-)
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  • "Thanks Jock", I usually try and incorporate as much recycled material into my builds as possible :-)

  • I like the recycling ethos on this one. and the loco finishes off a treat.

  • That matches my experience Alan! And for those reasons my quality pyro unit was money well spent.

  • "Thanks Doug", Yep agree totally, a quality Pyro Setup is well worth the money, I find the Soldering Iron Type Pens absolutely useless, and while the cheap Chinese Pyro unit heats up very well, the cheap shoddy Pens can't handle the higher heats needed, and eventually get too hot to hold, and start melting down. ;-(

  • "UJ", I think some of the ones Gitty sells are either Computerised Laser Imagery, or some sort of Printing Process, have a special build on the Bench at the moment, at the request of one of my Grand-daughters for a small CBG type build, based around Cars and Trucks, for my Great-Grandson Ashar, will probably go down the image transfer line, ala "The Pick" style, who did graciously pass on some of his tips on how he does it, haven't heard any news about him lately, one can only hope he's fighting his illness with some success. !!

  • You brought your A game pyrography skills to this one Alan!!! Gitty will have train envy. You get what you pay for on pyro pens. I do not regret my purchase.

  • Good on you.   To be honest that figure on the box is so good that at first I thought it might be a box Gitty sells with the computerized print or whatever he uses.  Some of those look great, but they are not HO-MADE enough to fully meet my 'standards' of authenticity.  

  • "Thanks UJ", I thought I may have created a monster when I decided to Pyrograph the Choo Choo Train, but it t didn't take as long as I thought it would, and for some reason the bit of crappy ply packing, I used for the sound board, handled the Pyro Pen quite easily, probably due to the fact that I did open the wallet and bought a decent Pyro setup not long ago. :-)

  • Wow, Woodrow!   That is some fine wood burning, a great theme and a hgh 9s geetar.  I like it top to bottom.  If it has side fret markers, I would NOT change a thing.

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