3D Printed Custom Box Guitar

23” scale length GD tuned Chugger. Approx 200 and 100 lb test flourocarbon fishing line strings. Disc Piezo pickup. 2x4 neck wood. 3D printed honeycomb braced body and components.
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  • Thanks for the inputs/ideas Andries! 3D printing does provide some challenges when strength is involved. Some of my parts have failed while the guitar was hanging on the wall! I’m getting better though. There are various ways to improve strength as your examples point out. Plastic does have it’s limits and so I work at creatively extending them. The aluminum guitar is very cool!

  • And offcource the aluminum One !11510938498?profile=RESIZE_710x

  • Some stuff i found !11510881683?profile=RESIZE_710x11510886695?profile=RESIZE_710x11510894457?profile=RESIZE_710x11510898656?profile=RESIZE_710x11510903093?profile=RESIZE_710x

  • Thanks BrianQ! I would like to say it’s all original thinking, but I got both the honeycomb bracing and the support bar idea from a Banjolele on Thingiverse by Andreas Bastian. I will probably modify the support bar design to allow me to streamline the piezo wiring. Always room for improvement. Wasn’t even sure if the piezo would work on top of the honeycomb bracing, but it did!

  • That’s way kool Doug! My uncle used to make helicopter blades out of honeycomb braced aluminum like that? You’re onto something good! 

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