3D Printed Custom Box Guitar

23” scale length GD tuned Chugger. Approx 200 and 100 lb test flourocarbon fishing line strings. Disc Piezo pickup. 2x4 neck wood. 3D printed honeycomb braced body and components.
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  • Thanks for the feedback Uncle John! Like most of my instruments, testing out ideas to see what works.

  • I like to keep things in house Andries, so printing in steel is not an option yet! My two piece neck with a pencil for the truss rod bent. I went with a pencil because they are cheap, light, and readily available, but they are too flexible. I think the neck components were stiff enough. It’s the joint that was the trouble spot. There are other options I may explore like steel and carbon fiber rods. It’s still CBG building, Custom Box Guitars, but many builders make their own boxes anyway, just not out of plastic! That’s a cool picture of a guitar body, way beyond my designing skill set.

  • Really a pretty and clean and modern look to this, Doug.

  • Pretty Cool Doug, is printing in steel a option? i seem to recall that you had a go at the neck, but its not strong enough ? so now your as far as ,all components ,except the neck are printer produced! seen some pretty amazing samples all ready, your on the Tech edge of CBG Building, Or dont you call it that anymore?11510434455?profile=RESIZE_710x

  • Thanks Alan! It’s been a challenge to get a shorter scale length and standard GD tuning with fishing line strings and 23” is a great scale length (not too short and not too long). It turns out fluorocarbon strings are the secret sauce! They are pricey compared to monofilament nylon, but sometimes you get what you pay for.

  • "Nice Doug", 23" Scale Builds are one of my Fave's :-)

  • I still haven’t figured out how to make a 2-piece 3D printed neck . . . Yet! Still thinking about it!

    I do appreciate the encouraging words BrianQ. I’ll admit I’m a lazy builder.  I love to design and the 3D printer is my able and tireless assistant. The necks are easy and quick to create once I have sliced and planed 2x4 and 2x6 scrap wood to the right dimensions.

  • You’re a high ranking member of the outside the box thinkers club!! I never thought I’d see something this awesome made from alternative materials, especially plastic!!! 

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