Surf Guitar

Guitar inspired by Junior Brown's Surf Medley
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  • I've changed pickguards for 5 strats into wood pickguards so far. The sound and overtones improves so much especially with high notes that I'll never have a plastic pickguard on a strat or strat copy. I've done it enough to know wood is an improvement anytime.

  • I have seen unboxing reviews where they're alright though. Just no quality control.

  • Ha, I bought a Glarry a few years back and had the same problem with the frets. They felt gritty and bending strings felt unnatural. Needed a fret polish bad. I gave the neck away, used the loaded pickguard somewhere else , and still have the body.

  • Yea, figured that much, so I ended up giving her my Les Paul jr. instead :)

  • One might be better off getting a Strat from a pawn shop or on Facebook marketplace. I got this brand new from Glarry for 75$ shipped but had a rough time with the frets 

  • Thought it looked familiar, I almost bought one of those for my daughter

  • Thanks for that recipe!

  • Thanks guys. JJ, Glarry guitar they are $75 shipped, heat gun to take finish off. Craft ply at any hardware or hobby store. Take the pickguard off the Glarry and stencil it. And Krylon paint + primer called satin sea glass. Kaish sells wooden knobs for around 10 for 2 knobs. Not too much to get one. 

  • Fabulous, I love it! I want one!

  • LIKE!

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