• Dave passed away on Friday AM, 9/17/21. Thanks for all the well-wishers before and after his passing.

    Dave, a friend to many on CBN and a good old rascal has been ill and AWOL from CBN. One of his home town (Duluth, Minnesota) friends messaged me today on FB and told me that…

    By Uncle John

  • Music Theory

    Is there a site from which I can download a book o music theory? I have started to get interested in this side of things, and find it helpful with chord progressions etc

    By John Derrett

  • Completed Builds

    I started builds of four CBGs about 5 years ago when I had a couple weeks between jobs and was trying to find cheap projects to keep me busy. Today, I had a rare afternoon free, but lacking the energy to do a big/real project, I decided to put in a couple hours and get these two finished.The bulk…

    By ThePracticalPeasant

  • Pickup mounted in pan

    Hey everyone...I,m building a frying pan type 3 string. I want to add a pickup mounted trough the top. what type of pickup would be best? also, I'm concerned about the pickup reading the metal pan [it,s kinda thick.] I'm wondering if i should open a bigger hole in the top and then surrounding the…

    By Terry Brennan

  • Shane Speal's Wood Shop Diary: The Essence of the Blues

    The story behind the "Damned if I do..." guitarby Shane SpealLast week, I stepped into my woodshop with the goal of capturing struggle, poverty and The Blues within the artistic side of cigar…

    By Cigar Box Nation

  • Minimum Required Tools?

    Hello,I've recently acquired some wonderful cigar boxes from various places, and ukulele necks, machine heads, bridges etc from MGB.What tools should I be looking at? I'm fairly light on the tools side and own a vice, drill, chisels etc.I see builders on YouTube with fancy spiral saws, etc.What…

    By Mike P

  • The hidden Volume pot, revealed

    Hi, in Lark's recent post, First Build", Lane Martin commented on my reso guitar with a concealed volume pot' so I thought I would show the process here. I think the photos will tell the story.The photo on that post shows two reso guitars the one on the right is louder due to the larger soundholes,…

    By Taffy Evans

  • Making flat pup/cat style pickups.

    Hi everyone,I'm new here to CBN and new to CBG making. I've made 4 so far. I am planning to make a pickup. So far I have been using piezos, which do the job fine if you can keep the feedback to a minimum. But I like making things from scratch and I have a little bit of electronics experience. I've…

    By Sam Gordon

  • Pickup info pasted on...

    Just received this info from Kinman Australia. I used Kinman pickups in some of my builds, I was happy with them. 10-October-2021Dear Kinman enthiusiast; Boy oh boy have we been busy!!! And not just to occupy our time during this darn Pandemic. Boss Chris Kinman has found fresh inspiration for lots…

    By Taffy Evans

  • 6 String Broom Handle Cigar Box

    had an unexpected week off so I thought I'd get it done before winter comes. still got one or 2 things left to do, but this is what I got done so far. just need to round off the edges and corners, spray the body in a lot of clear lacquer, mount the nut and jack plate and string it up. I made the…

    By JP Lace Master