Small box woes?

Just come across a great cigar box for a cbg,but its only 8in x 5in.Solid made and no warning stickers.

I've never used such a small box, and think it would look a bit odd as a standard scale cbg, but I've no experience of anything else.

any suggestions?  Maybe a ukelele or a banjo would look more in proportion? Or should I just go for a 3/4 scale normal cbg?

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  • My first ever CBG had such a small box. I married it with a 25" neck and it sounds nice. Not huge volume but OK. Only problem is that its odd to hold as the box hasn't enough weight. Still one of my favorites.

    Only other thing I made with a small box was an electric diddley bow, which works really well.

    As an aside I made a 17" scale CBG as a travel one but its not easy to play and lacks volume.

    I guess, as others have said, just get on and build and see what happens. The experience is good and you can always recycle. Who knows, you may end up with an awesome CBG!

  • Well, its ended up as a uke.

    Just waiting for some strings , and it will be all systems go.

    gone for a stick piezo by the bridge, but may have to move it about a bit to get a decent sound,

    accoustically its fine with the one trial string, but well wait fir the proper strings to see.

    Just need to learn how to play a uke !!!

    Photos to follow, when its finished.

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    • Fantastic sound accoustically, with tenor uke strings.

      There is a stick piezo under the bridge, plug it in and WOW.

    • all turned out good

  • I used small boxes to make these 19" scale strummers the r/h one sounds lovely


    • Hey,jabes,you've been busy!! I've had to settle for a17in scale.(because any longer and the bridge will be in mid air!!  I'm using a heeled neck which I think came off a tenor uke but I I'm probably going for 4strings to match the headstock.) Are your fret markers in a diatonic scale?

    • yes sjohn,diatonic ,

      I made these a while ago,I still have the r/hand one ,sold the others ..good luck with the uke 

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