1st build

First I bought one off EBay

Then bought a kit, built it , modified it.

Now this afternoon completed my 1st build from scratch.


3 string fretless with a piezo pickup , sounds great.

Need a couple of mods I recon like a wider piece of threaded bolt for the bridge

and possibly slightly thinner. 

Strings at the nut are perfect off the fretboard but rise up a bit towards the bridge.

Apart from that , very pleased.


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  • Just finished my first
    Who ever said its just a stick in a box?
  • Run the neck stick thru' the tin, don't leave a gap between the underside of the top of the tin and the neckstick - job's a good 'un.

  • Just had a look thru all the Groups but could not find one for Biscuit Tin Guitars  (Cookies as the New World) call 'em.

    Anyone with any experience please ???

    I should think that you would need to strengthen the tins internally with wood ???

  • Built 10 now...getting better all the time until the latest. If something could go wrong it did. Split wood. Drill hole in wrong place. Fitted 1/4 Jack Socket, closed the lid and found it was on the top edge. Very nearly put the whole thing in the bin yesterday. 

    Have had another 3 hours at it today and salvaged what I can. Will keep this one for myself as it is the most boring CBG ever made.


    • Nothing wrong with plain....looks fine to me.

    • About all you can say for it is it sounds OK. Recon I'll be collecting stickers to put on it.

  • Bought two Fruit Bowls at a Boot Fair weekend before last. Nice hard wood, there are a lot of them about in fact there were 5 on various Stalls. The two I haggled for came out at under £2. ($1.20c) 

    Once I started I was continuously revising my design as I went along.

    Anyway here is my first

    "STICK IN A ROUND BOX"306058992?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024306061188?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024306063205?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024

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