Welcome CBG players from Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Iceland. Let's share our “arctic” experiences and ideas. Broaden your CBG network in this corner of the world. Friends and fans around the world are more than welcome to join!
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  • Cheers scandinavian friends. Making a comeback after some time of hiatus from building. I exist om Instagram if anyone wants to check in. Will not be on CBN alot. Keep the blues train a rollin!

  • Hi all. English guy living in Finland. Started making my first box guitar this week. I was looking at buying a resonator guitar but making my own looks like a lot more fun. 

    I found a nice old box and a lot of random "junk" in the barn I think should work for a makeshift cone. Looking at this from a novice point of view I think making the neck is going to be the challenge.

  • I'm not often on CBN, but for you Northern European people..check this..Seasick Steve and Chickenbone John on the front cover of Musiker Magazinet!!306485987?profile=original

  • Hieman haikein mielin aion luopua Daddy Mojo San Juliastani.


  • great too see so many members and cbg addicts in this group. do you know if there are any cbg festivals/clubs or similar going on up here in the north?

  • jo jo, der er mindst en mere :-)

  • Hej. Jeg bor på Møn. Er der nogen på sjælland eller de sydlige øer. Som bygger og spiller CBG
    Jeg er lige blever færdig med min første hjemmebyggede 3 strenget CBG
  • Jeg bor i Hillerød, Danmark. Haugesund er i Norge så vidt jeg ved ?

  • Ole Christensen, hvor bor du?. I live in Haugesund

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I used to live in Norway

Tim Greenhalgh presents CBGs to "Canned Heat" Just click on the link above to see the video. Hey my Scandinavian friends, I just wanted to share the video of my latest CBG adventure with you and say that, mange år siden så bode jeg i Norge, og jeg kan litt norsk fremdeles.

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