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Kiwi Guitarist

Started by Terry. Last reply by Tim Pannabecker Dec 7, 2019. 8 Replies

Hi,As I indicated I'm in NZ. I have just made my first CBG and have used this forum heaps. so although my first one is finished I'm still adapting it and setting it up and loving it. I don't play…Continue

Cigar box mandolin

Started by BeanJean Dec 7, 2019. 0 Replies

Greetings from hilly Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  I’ve been building mandolin kits and want to begin building one where I make design decisions.  A cigar box mando seems like a good way to do this.  I…Continue

How did I get here?

Started by Tyler Garrett. Last reply by Tim Pannabecker Dec 6, 2019. 1 Reply

Hello everyone! My name is Tyler. I am originally from Odessa TX and now currently live in Oakland Maine. I started my journey in the cbg world in October 2018 when I was making a lapsteel out of an…Continue

Hola Desde Mexico

Started by Harvey Bernstein. Last reply by Tim Pannabecker Dec 6, 2019. 1 Reply

Harvey here.  Long time blues/ragtime fingerpicker on a traditional guitar (40 years) and I got swept up into the CBG world a few months back when I bout a CB Gitty "Pure & Simple" kit, not sure…Continue

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Comment by Michael Hutchins on November 14, 2009 at 8:00pm
Michael Hutchins from Australia here. Did anybody else's jaw drop when they first saw & heard a cbg being played or is it just me?.... I asolutely love playing guitar, fixing & building them even more, Playing & listening to slide most of all.
I stumbled across CBGs on youtube, made one, & BAM!! All the things I like most just fell into place. I love the sound, the character & the way the instrument dominates your playing. The things just drip with blues heritage.
I aquired materials to build 100 cbgs. Boxes dating civil war to current, I'll post some photos soon.
Comment by george kedenburg on November 13, 2009 at 8:35am
Hi my name is george from port orange florida I started building cbg 1year ago and have sold 8 of my creations .
Comment by Grandpa Mikey on November 12, 2009 at 12:42pm
My name is Michael, born and raised in Oklahoma and grew up listening to my grandpa playing guitar, mandolin and french harp. Somehow I ended up in Northern California about two blocks from the ocean and just about smack dab on the San Andreas fault. My wife bought me a Daddy Mojo 4 string CBG about a few years ago and I have succeeded in frightening the neighbors and worrying all the cats and dogs in the neighborhood. I have been slowly gathering wooden boxes and chucks of wood and old guitar parts and finally have a little place to work on stuff. I look forward to learning and listening to all of you great guys and gals. Thanks for putting up this site!
Comment by John C Predmore on November 11, 2009 at 7:20am
Greetings to the CBG nation, I am John Predmore from Rochester Minn, USA. I am fifty mumbly mumble years and played the "regular" guitar-rather poorly, off and on, mostly off for many years. Building a CBG has renewed my interest in making music, and I am enjoying it more than ever now.

I compleated my first CBG about a year ago, a four string fretless. Now, after watching Shane's "How to Play" Videos I am starting a three stringer and looking forward to playing some slide!
Comment by DeeVon on November 10, 2009 at 8:19am

I'm Dieter, all the way from good 'ol South Africa!! Just maybe myself a one string diddley bow. So, the next step for me is to try and make a cookie tin 3 string banjo/guitar. I'll keep you guys posted. So far I only have a bridge, strings and the cookie tin! Still waiting for tuning heads and the neck! Must go on a shopping mission soon!!
Nice to be here!!!!
Comment by Floyd Bridges on November 10, 2009 at 12:58am
Hey all, just popping in to introduce myself.
My name's Allen and I'm from Pittsburgh, PA. I've thus far built two cbg's and so far both have been stinkers. I stumbled onto this site while looking for actual plans so I can make one that works. I'm planning to use both the piezo pickup and a hand-wound pickup with a selector switch between the two. Does anyone know if it's possible to have a selector switch that can feed both pickups to the pot simultaneously? Or is that just dumb? haha


Comment by Brent Shull on November 8, 2009 at 4:54pm
well im brand new to the scene, i am absolutly sold. i love the twang, i love the style, i love the resourcefulness, AND I HAVENT EVEN HEARD ONE IN REAL LIFE!!! im 23 and i live in the good ol mountains of east TN. Johnson City to be all exact. we have the countries first bluegrass 4 year bachelor degree program at ETSU (we also played a little b-ball last year in the NCAA tournament, yeah were proud of that!!) we have students from all over the world come here just to study and learn whats been done before all of us. im learning how to play the 4 string banjo, irished tuned. ive played the guitar off and on for a few years now, i really never got great but hey! screw it man i wanna play with something new. and ive found it. ive got my first box, some hardwoods laying around, and some parts, so soon enough ill be pickin! so if yall have read this, add me as your friend and keep in touch ill try to keep you all informed and ill def. be asking questions. so thanks to everyone here. everyone ive talked to has been super nice and helpful. yall dont let me down now ya here!!

Brent S

i also do graphic design for my fams. sign shop, i run 2 CNC router tables, run a huge digital printer and run laser engravers and plain ol engravers. should i go on, this sounds like a resume!!! THANKS AGAIN YALL!
Comment by Tom Manno on November 5, 2009 at 2:07pm
What's up dudes - born and raised in the Chicago burbs, been playing guitar about 15 years. My brother made me a CBG as a Christmas gift last year, and I've been hooked ever since. I'm still working on building a collection of "tools" to get the job done nicely. I sell insurance by day and rock out at night!

Instead of talking about me, I'll share some of my inspiration to continue playing and enjoying the wonderful world of music...

Back in 2008, the guitarist community lost a great player too soon, John R. Wilson ( John was a very talented musician and a great friend of mine, and I miss him dearly. He battled Leukemia for 14 months, but lost his fight on July 25, 2008 at the young age of 25. I've been playing much more ever since he passed away, I feel it is my mission to play every chance I get, to keep his memory alive. We both learned how to play guitar together, and I can't not think of him every time I pick up a guitar.

In my profile picture I'm bald - I shaved my head for St. Baldrick's in John's memory. I encourage you to participate, it's a lot of fun and a great cause. Be sure to check out a website that our friends created for John while he was sick, and continue to maintain -

Keep on strummin',
Comment by Kurtisthall on November 5, 2009 at 11:57am
Born and raised in Brunswick Ohio, now living in West Virginia. I am not a guitar player. I am an organist primarily. Once upon a time I owned the best rigs, now I have kids. My latest gig was Keith Jones and the Souled Out Band, a funk/soul band out of Clarksburg WV. Our drummer was Jack Wolfe (check out the band Dynatones--Fife Piper on youtube. That's him a long time ago) Pray for Jack and Keith because they are both very ill. I grew up on Deep Purple, Uriah Heep, Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath etc.. you get it. Have always loved what I call "Swamp Rock". My high school band was called The Golden Dawn. Later on bent sound on synths and modules in a thing called The Coroner's Report. Helped my brother who booked Heavy Metal acts in Cleveland in '84 and '85. Used to play bass but I busted up my index finger on the left hand, so very much playing makes it hurt. I can't pick but my ancestors from the hills of Webster Springs WV were pickers and fiddlers. I have always been tinkering on guns, keyboards etc, and collecting junk. Built a nice keyboard rack out of a spinet Hammond I junked. Hides the fact that I'm playing a clone. My buddy got me hooked on this CBG stuff. Keeps me out of trouble. It helps to know a guy who owns a cigar shop. I'm a former coal miner who is now a prosecutor. Figure that out. Right now I play for my own amazement. Nice to meet ya.
Comment by HOGS GRUNT on November 5, 2009 at 7:51am
I was born and raised in West Ham in the east end of London. I made my first guitar when I was 16 from an old tea chest and timber I found laying about my father's shed. It worked and I learnt to play House of the Rising Sun on it. I then went out and bought my first 'ready made' guitar and it had a proper neck!! I played for years for fun and then got married to a girl from Ilford in Essex, who was second generation Irish, as her parents were both born in Co. Wicklow Ireland. Unfortunately I lost my wife at the end of October and miss her very badly. As Joanie Mitchell once said "you don't know what you've got 'till it's gone". When my son Brett (Maverick) was about 6 or 7 he showed an interest in playing. I spent 6 months teaching him what I knew and from then on he taught me. He has the talent. We moved to Co. Wicklow in Ireland in the early 80's and we found ourselves playing in pubs and clubs and getting real money for it. Hogs Grunt is the name that my son and myself used in Ireland as a duo. We hooked up with Irish musicians, from time to time, and had some good bands playing all sorts of music. Loved the 8 years I spent there. The ''craic was ninety'' but we had to return to England and found the music scene a bit lacking. Still have very fond memories of Ireland and hope to visit again before I die. I play twelve string and was lucky to have an old EKO twelve string, my first love, as a christmas present several years ago from my son and his family. I have built many guitars and other stringed instruments over the years but this time using the proper timbers. Whilst in Ireland I did many repairs, re-frets and refurbs of other peoples guitars etc.and got well paid for it and became 'the man' to come to when you had a problem. Now I have retired, I am building a Resonator guitar for my son as the ones I made him years ago got stolen, along with all the others I had made.
I also need to build him other guitars etc. which are all in my queue. My son is playing with a band called Rainbow Road and he now has a chance to show the world what a great guitarist he is. My influences have been many and varied over the years. My first love is Bob Dylan, the greatest poet/songwriter ever born. I started with folk then went on to blues, rock, country, and lots of Irish music. I still listen to varied music, but not the rubbish the new 'bands', and I use the term lightly, churn out today. I think they left the 'c' off rap. Thank goodness for some of the older, 'real', musicians that are still making some really good music. Long may they continue and lead the way.
Folk, rock, blues, irish, country rock and many more.

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Discussion Forum

Kiwi Guitarist

Started by Terry. Last reply by Tim Pannabecker Dec 7, 2019. 8 Replies

Cigar box mandolin

Started by BeanJean Dec 7, 2019. 0 Replies

How did I get here?

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Hola Desde Mexico

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