I am new to this forum and am building my first CBG.    I'm planning on a "through the box" neck and need to know if space should be left inside the box between the box top and the neck.   I've looked at a number of plans and this is never quite clear.   Also, what is the recommended way to make sure the box is properly secured to the neck?   Any help/suggestions greatly appreciated.


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I don|t think there is any reason to have a space between the neck and top, in most case you would securely adhere the neck along it|s entire length to the box top. Sometimes people like to have the ability to have the box open up in which case it is only the neck top that holds the neck. I think you will see it clearly in Youtube videos about cbg builds

Thank you Brian

Leave a slight space except for the ends, and maybe right under the bridge, so the top can resonate.
Mount a block of wood under the neck at each end of the box to fasten it.

Thank you for that.   I will leave a gap.

My first I glued the neck to the top and it sounds great - still - after 5 years

All the rest I left a gap between the neck and the box except for the ends - acoustically they all still sound great my customers tell me - no complaints.

From where I sit it seems not to matter - but I now always leave a gap.

The neck is screwed into a brace at both ends, which is then screwed into the ends of the box. This leaves a clean top no screws visible. My preference.

 Many thanks Joe for your info.    I will leave a gap at the top of the box.  


Contrary to  popular  belief   that  you will  get   better  resonation    with  a space    ,   I  believe   gluing  right to  the top   resos  the  whole  guitar  as   one   much   better  .  Most   that have tried    the same  exact  box  trying both  ways     , say the one glued to  the lid actually sounded better .  many  also  say they can't     see the difference   . I have seen  experienced builders that swore by leaving a space , change their mind after trying glued  or screwed right to the lid once . 

(more on the topic ) https://cigarboxnation.com/forum/topics/neck-touching-inside-of-box...

(even copy and pasted my own answer  ) lol. 

 I've tried leaving the gaps in on most of my builds...but only on the standard 'neck-thru' builds.

 I've also tried the 'Uncle Crow' method of placing the entire stick on TOP of the Soundboard-but since that isn't an actual 'stick-thru' build (the end of the stick usually terminates half-way down the box, leaving more box to vibrate) I can't tell if either method makes a difference...

  The only way i'm ever going to be knowledgeable about this question is if i ever-

-find three identical boxes with identical tones (difficult)

-make three identical necks (one with a pre-cut space)

-make two neck-thru and one 'Uncle Crow' style guitar, with identical soundholes.


 Sounds like fun, right? :D  At any rate, all three should play pretty well-have fun!

Remember to send them all to me   ... ummm.. to  " test"  ;-D

Ok... So the best ukulele I have build have neck glued directly to top (not entirely neck-thru, the neck ends ain about 2/3 of the box length).

But best diddely bow has space left under the top (neck-thru).

I have two CBGs with neck-thru and without any space - the top is just laying on the neck - no glue, screws or anything. I fell that he neck is quite secure because the string tension presses the top to the neck underneath.

Right now I would build one with space - but just out of curiosity rather than anything else.

A couple of my good builds were having the neck attached to the top, of the soundboard/CB lid.  They are easy to build and sound great.   I have also attached to the underneath of lid, with either glue or screws.


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