I have a two-disc piezo pick up to install in a tin. I've bored the hole in the side of the tin and got the jack outward pointing and in place but what do I do with the discs? What's the best way to attach them to the lid of the tin? Sellotape? PVA glue? Any other method and I'm going to have to buy something to do it with. Would sellotape or PVA glue work? Which side of the piezo gets stuck to the tin lid? Is it bronze side down (directly on the lid with the white and bronze side visible inside the lid) or the other way around? This is my first dance so I'm totally confused lol. Excited to be amped up soon but still confused!

Thanks in advance.

Dani 'Still Need A Cool Nickname' Garside

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Hi Dani, I don't know how to describe the details, but here are three sources for information here on the nation that should help.  




Don't worry about the "cool nickname"...It will happen.  Just be yourself and have fun with your builds.


Bless you, Thomas. I found it on the first link you gave. I think I was just looking in the wrong places lol. I'll try taping it ON TOP of another piece of tape in the hope of eliminating the tinny sound. Worth a try anyway and if it doesn't work then the tape will come off easily enough and I can try the glue. If THAT doesn't work then at least I've got a spare piezo pick up if I can't get the glue off to try something else. Here goes!

Thanks again for replying so quickly :)

Hi Dani,

I have two words for you. "Hot Glue" While you can use epoxy, I favor hot glue because it can be used on a variety of surfaces and it dampens the chirp that is inherent in piezo disks. As to Sellotape it will eventually let go. PVA glue only works on porous materials. Tin is not porous.

I put the piezo on the lid with it as close to the bridge as possible and shifted toward the low string (it even works above the low string). Using Sellotape for testing for the best placement through trial and error would be a good idea but it requires assembly and dis-assembly several times to get optimum placement. Be careful that it won't get pinched between the neck and the lid so that it stops the lid from vibrating. I put a big spot of hot glue on the lid and then smush the piezo into the hot glue. Then I cover the piezo with hot glue so that it is totally encased in the hot clue. Encasing it seems to eliminate the chirp. It really doesn't matter which side is up or down. It picks up vibrations and sends out electric signals based on the vibrations. However, I put the side without wires against the lid so that wires don't get broken in the smushing process. I have not put one on a tin yet so I am not sure how well hot glue will stick to a tin. I think it will be OK. However, just to make sure, scratch up the tin with a scotch bright pad where you are gluing the piezo.

My pleasure,


Hi Gary.

Being as eager as I am and having zero, more like minus-zero, patience I've just stuck it in with sellotape. I lined the lid with sellotape and then put the discs, wire side up, on top of the sellotape before putting sellotape over the discs to attach them. It's a one-string plank-bow (okay that's not what they're called but I don't know any different lol) with a bottle at one end and a small tobacco tin at the other. Now I'm no connoisseur of how things SHOULD sound but the sound doesn't seem too bad to my ears. The volume is massive and even on the lowest setting it's blooming loud but I don't hear any chirping. I'll leave it at is for now until I get some hot glue or a hot glue gun as I don't have either at the moment. It's not that I'm not listening to you, I am and will do as you so kindly advise as soon as I have the ability to follow your advice. As mentioned before though, I'm impatient in today's 'Instant' world of having things now. I can live with it for a minute. Thank you so much for explaining things so clearly and replying so quickly. I needed the minute details that you gave and you delivered them wonderfully. You're a star.

In other news...

I is amped, bay-beh!

Hi Dani,

I am looking forward to seeing pictures of it! And, by the way, there is no one "right way" of doing it. David's answer is also perfectly fine. However, every time I open a tube of silicone I end up wasting a bunch of it. How long the sellotape lasts will depend on the sellotape, temperature and moisture conditions. Eventually that stuff breaks down. High heat and moisture usually makes it happen faster.

Depending on the string diameter you may not ever hear any chirping. It usually happens at a high pitch so if you are using a wound guitar string you will never hear it. If you hear a lot of noise from handling as David mentioned encasing the piezo in silicon or hot glue will minimize it.

Also, if you want to control the volume you can always put a volume control in it. If you don't have one on the guitar you probably want a 250 or 500 kohm volume pot with audio taper. CBGitty.com sells both.

It's the low E string so quite thick and wound too. As you say, probably why there's no chirp. I can handle the volume at the low settings and I'm sure it'll be more bearable when I can actually play the darn thing lol.

Volume pots? Woah down! haha I'm amazed I managed to do this much and I think rewiring it successfully to put a volume pot on would be like asking Lady Gaga to wear something sensible at her next concert. Just not likely :D In time I'm sure I'll get to heights that I never thought possible. Meanwhile I'm bopping away with sheer joy at doing something half right but that at least works.

Thanks again for all the help. I can't thank you enough.

You're quite welcome.


No expert, but I normal embed them in clear silicone within something like a milk bottle top,  and the stick that on to the neck below the bridge using a generous amount of silicone. This helps cut down the handling noise

How about "Desperate Dan" as a nickname

Hi David.

I'll definitely be remembering that for future reference! One way of having a piezo externally. I remember seeing something made commercially for £24 (about $34 USD) on eBay that is more or less the same thing I guess.

Not sure the 'Desperate Dan' fits that well. Maybe 'Diddling Diddy-Dani'? ;)

I just added a "song" to my profile. I've called it 'Don't stick your piezo in with sellotape'. For all those who helped me, this is me admitting I was wrong and looking forward to doing it the way you all advised as soon as I get a hot glue gun.

FYI, the string was plucked at an even amount each time and all the volume differences, handling noise and other issues are purely down to mounting with sellotape, it would seem. Oh and no reverb either as I was playing it through a 9v portable ukulele amp with the treble turned right down and the bass, for what it's worth on this amp, turned right up.

I have to admit, after the cringing stopped I did have a chuckle to myself lol.


I've used several methods of attachment. They all worked fine. First I tried double stick tape. The thick kind for putting up posters. You can move the disk around under the soundboard/tin top to find the sweet spot. It must be wired to the jack and tested by plugging it in befor installation and tapping it. Should knock your ears off. I found the tape let loose from moving the disk around. So I glued it in with tight bond. Any white glue would work. I've used silicone to encase the disk in the goop. I don't think it matters which side if the disk is up. I've bought good ones sandwiched in wood. They glue in with anything. I,ve seen bottle caps used as covers filled with hot glue. I hope these tips help Dani.

Definitely helpful, Dave. I think I'll try the hot glue method next and then some others that you've highlighted if unsuccessful or perhaps on other builds. Thanks so much for replying, Dave. Greatly appreciated :)


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