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Anonymous Pick

Does anyone else miss Pick? As some know I was his biggest fan/ supporter. I have the record for most Swampwitches owned by a single person. Pick and I were buds and not all of it was sunshine and cherries. We've had clashes and arguments etc. Beyond

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13 Replies · Reply by Jerry Jordan yesterday

Reduced scale length

I have built my previous CBGs with 24-25 inch scales. However, I have problems with the fretted builds, in that my old fingers have trouble forming some of the chords. I have decided to build a new CBG with a 23 inch scale, hoping that the narrower f

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5 Replies · Reply by Michael Myers on Saturday

CBN forums

i really hope this is not the final form of the forums. 

It is the most difficult task to find any of the previous posts. The list of subforums is gone and there is a horrible list at the top where you have to click more to see them.

the posts are not

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12 Replies · Reply by Shane Speal May 24

Recycled Banjolele Neck


Once upon a time, I needed a ukulele. But since I play the guitar, it was difficult for me to transition to the 4-string uke. So I searched for a ukulele with 6 strings and I found this amazing 6-string guitalele by Gretsch. I loved it and played it

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