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    My graphic designer came up with these, cardstock.

  • 306030685?profile=RESIZE_480x480Rubber-stamped logo.

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        • The Phrygian Kid, I love the knots.

  • i ordered some "Slowpaw Guitars" bubble badges for my builds, they stick on the headstock and look pretty smart to me! (-:



    • that  does look  pretty  cool  ?   are they  cost effective  ?

  • I put mine on with a rubber stamp and acrylic craft paint.

    • The rubber stamp is a good idea. I think I'll check into a custom stamp.

  • Check my Ron's Boogie vid; I burned pick's SwampWitch logo into the headstock with a wood burner chisel tip. Just drew it on with pencil. Quick, easy, no sanding. I did practice a coupla times on some scrap...
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