Build this Wooden Kick Drum Pedal

The early kick drums were made from wood. Back in the day big band sounds were really popular and room for 4 or 5 drummers was not possible. They needed a way to save space and the drum pedal way the answer. Now drum pedals are made from metal. I have some friends who are drummers and they have broken the metal ones kicking too hard. The wooden drum pedal I designed is for someone sitting on a suit case or cajon and stepping with their heal.

Start by downloading my hand-written parts PDF and then follow the photos/captions below.



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  • using Chrome on a PC when i click the DOWNLOAD button it opens the PDF in a new tab. i then have to do a manual download.

    What browser are you using? are you using a PC or a tablet? If you are using an ipad then i cant help. no one knows where the files get saved in ios.. lol

    • Just downloaded with both iPad & Android tablet, so no problems? Maybe you need to change your browser settings, are you viewing in Desktop or Mobile ?

  • Near the top of page one, there is a big red button to download the plans.

    • Doesn't open anything for me
  • Can someone update the plans? Would love to build this
    • I don't see the hand drawn plans
      • Sorry I was so long winded. I didn’t realize you couldn’t open the file.

      • Hey Jeff I sent you a friend request with my email attached. If you want I can send you the pdf.

    • Hey Jeff,

      im not sure how I would update the plans. What information am I missing? It is a hand drawn plan….in the spirit of cigar box guitar all you need to do is print out the free plan. It prints to scale. You can add or take away. It gives you a free hand in the creativity of its creation. It is exactly the plan I used to make the original. I challenge you to print it out and build it just like it is. Because like building a guitar from a box you can build this anyway you want to.  There are no rules! Let me know if you have questions I will be happy to help!

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