This was my buddy the "Kool dog Hooch" at least he thought he was! Pain in my ass, but I miss him! 

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Thanks, yea he was my buddy! it is.....The wife hates when I tell this story... This bar had changed owners and a few street urchins would come in and basically act stupid, cause the new owner kind of ignored much to the dismay of customers...most of the time we bypassed em without problem .Now ,firstly   ,I'm not a bar brawler or even a fighter per se..That being said,the story goes some thing like this..about 18 yrs ago our band played a gig at a little local dive bar.In those days if ya gott afew pitchers and a few bucks each ,we were happy to play most times. So after playing our show,I had set One of the band pitchers on the bar for a second.when I went to retrieve it,this kinda rough lookin guy ,said "hey..that's my pitcher" I laffed and sid,Naw dude that's the band pitcher " I went of to the table to kick it with the band,All the sudden ,I see this guy standin at the table,yelling….Heyyyyyy,that's my pitcher ...I was like "please go away ,this isn't your  pitcher,looks like you had enuff anyways.....Then he replies With **** you...I said please don't do that again in front of my girlfriend please ,? Not cool...He repeats the same phrase....Diane told me later that it was as if he jumped off the ground and then all she saw were feet .Here I am 6"2' 175 drippin wet and I basically carry this guy out to the sidewalk and deposit him from the bar.He never came back in.....As i'm walkin back in,I'm really kind of embarrassed,because mama never raised me like that .so I come back to the table and the guys were just kinda laffin,and one of em called me Skiinny Vinnie,like I was some kinda anorexic hit man.Nonetheless,all my local friends still call me Vinnie and the wife still does as well.I used to be able to shoot the basketball pretty good from distance back in the day...I used to make them from Downtown and that's where it all came from. True story gents...I laff when I tell it because I'm just a peaceloving dude for the most part,gents..

LOL was the big guy named Leroy Brown?

I have always enjoyed RVing and when we retired we sold the house and went fulltiming. We travel less now but still love the lifestyle and live in the rig-----so  Iam still ''fulltimerart''  Years ago, in the CBradio days I drove a hot rod Pontiac so I was known as ''The Tin Indian'.  Art

ehh.,.,I've been called "JellyWhiteBread" almost 40 years.,.,I was a skinny kid with a guitar, and a friends older brother bestowed the name on me, comparing me to blues artists of the hey day.,.,pretty much a put down, but it stuck.,.,.,I sell by guit's under the "BOXARD" banner.,.,that is a PC spelling for "box-tard".,.which I came up with after reading another builders rant, about how he would not sell a build for less than $200, and all his competitors just slapped a tomato stake in a cigar box and shipped it.,.,. Thats Mr Tomato Stake now.,.,.lol .,.,.,

I was given the stage name "The Thump" when I was 17 — it comes from my style of playing bass, which involves a lot of slapping and percussive work.

I was auditioning for a metal band who decided to throw some Slayer at me after we ran through the agreed-upon songs. I didn't have a pick on me, and the only way I could keep up with those tempos was to use my thumb and slap as furiously as I could. When they noticed what I was doing, things came screeching to a halt, and we had the following (brief) conversation:

"Dude! Were you just slapping bass to Slayer?!?"

" pick, it's the only way I could keep up."

"I've never seen anything like that. You're in the band and your new name is Thumper."

Along the way I met a couple of other bassists with the same nickname, so I changed it to "The Thump" - because I'm the one and only! :)

I used to play with a hell of a fast drummer nicknamed Thumper, when I was in my teens? He was a double pedal demon!

There are more then a handful of alter egos out there! So let's hear the story behind it! How about it "Cause the Blue Rat"!  'Inquiring minds want to know' in my teen yrs. I played a lot of pool, 6' 130 soaking wet, my buddies called me "Stick"! BTW I said I played a lot didn't mean I won a lot!

I took my 'AKA' based on a family karaoke session on one of our beach vacations.  Neil Diamond's "Forever in Blue Jeans" came on, and we were all belting it out.  I noticed that my sister-in-law was saying/singing "Reverend Blue Jeans" instead of "Forever in Blue Jeans"....  You know how it is when you 'hear' something other than the actual lyrics, and you think you're right?  Well, it's an old song, and she'd always heard it that way - - so I figured it was a fitting alter ego for yours truly!

Awesome story, thanks Rev. 

That is so funny, I thought it was reverend for the longest time too!

My favorite song was "Bumble in the Jungle!"


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