Hi, is anybody else having problems with this site? I can't see photos or post them and no videos either. I reported the issue some days ago, but no advise. Also looks like no bodies posted on the forum, or if they have, I'm not seeing them. Taff

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  • Hi, just reporting that the only pictures I'm seeing are the Gitty advertising, as its been for three weeks for me.

    I do not look at photos and videos posts regally, they don't stay up long so only a few catch my eye. But I do use photos to better explain what I'm trying to say, and to get an idea of a members problem when they post. To me its like using your hands when talking to emphasize points.

    I wonder if the owners of this site have contacted Ning, as Ning suggested, to discuss this problem. Ning told me they had done a "clean up" but it made no difference to my viewing.

    My reply box does not even show options to enable photo inclusion.
    Cheers Taff
  •  Well, I'll hang around as long as I can still see and hear the pics, forums, and videos. As long as I can get a little excellent conversation with you kind folks. Just in case, Thank all of you for your experience, your conversations and your camaraderie.


  • Doug, don't hold your breath.

    Im back home now and still the site is screwed up. It's all over the place with some parts visible and others not. Now video thumbnails are visable but still no photo thumbnails.


    • What’s going on I can’t post......maybe Shane Speal or cb gritty can chime ine here....don’t they own this site?

      Doug N

  • Hi, yep it's a bummer......but, I just thought I'd try a visit, and it worked, it seems. I haven't tried all functions yet but the site looks like it used to.

    Im out of town so using my iPad with my Mobil broadband modem, and not wi fi'ed at my house. I'll let you if it's the change of modem or not when I get home this arvo.

    Taff......now to explore.

  • Like many others I can no longer get photos or videos to download on any device I own. Bit of a killer blow to a site based on making and playing musical instruments.
    (Handmade clubhouse seems to have gone too)

    Thanks to those who have been helpful in the past.

    All the best to you all,
    David L.
  •  Seems the owner(s) of this site have washed their hands of this site. Too big an issue for them to bother or they are busy with other issues... it seems. I hope that is not the case.

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