In our most recent feature, we explored the use of C. B. Gitty "Toaster Bucker" mini humbucking pickups for cigar box guitars.  Soon after, Jason Mills of Highwood Guitars sent us the following video clip of a resonator bass he created for Larry McCray's bass player, Coreyeon.

About the bass:

The bass features an aluminum top over a base of hickory and mahogany (see bottom photo).  The bridge was crafted by Cigar Box Nation member, Randy Bretz.  All electronics are by C. B. Gitty Crafter Supply.

Get to know Jason Mills here in Cigar Box Nation by visiting his profile.

The handcrafted bridge is just one of the many cool parts created by Randy Bretz in his Pennsylvania workshop. Visit Randy's profile page on Cigar Box Nation.

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  • I missed the posting of this one.

    Jason... Mate, that is just AWESOME !!!

    Love the snappy tones from this Bass, an absolute masterpiece !!

  • That is one very cool instrument. Love the design.
  • Wow that very nice great craftsmanship. 

  • Thanks for the nice comments and to Shane for the nice write up. The Bass is 34 inch scale  

    • Did you have to keep the pickup heights low due to their hot output or did you want some fuzzy distortion in that bass?

    • They are set like an electric guitar. I wasnt sure either on setting height,Im not a bass player. Everyones style of playing is different. I like to keep pick ups adjustable for that reason. 

  • a+x4, awesome work as usual coming out of Jason's shop. Very inspiring as I am building my first bass for someone.

  • The Thunderbird is a 34 inch scale. They did do a limited run of short scale TBirds but 34" is standard.
    • Thanks BajoMan.

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