• I find my 'straps' at the start of a ball of twine...about 4 foot of it does just fine.
  • I was in the local craft store recently and saw Tandy leather guitar strap kits. although they were beginner/kids kits aimed at guitar hero style applications I looked on their website and it revealed some additional interesting ideas.

  • definitely Terran.
  • World weave?;-)
  • North African ;-)

  • Rafal,


    Arrrggghhh! I meant Tunisian, not Moroccan.



  • Rafal,

    Nice strap! Your wife does good Moroccan crochet.


  • Rafal Sulejman said:

    Voila, here it is!



    Rafal Sulejman said:

    Although my wife is amused with the idea - she'll eventually crochet me a guitar strap using so called Tunisian crochet technique (don't ask me) - I found the Oily's idea quite appealing.

    Short Google search brought this:

    (notice the innovative use of a vise...)

    If it is good for middle-age weapons it may as well fit my CBG...

  • Piece of rope.
  • Nothing looks better on a CBG than a piece of 1/4" rope.  Drawer pulls are larger, and easier to tie securely to than a standard strap button.
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