• 306621437?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024That spider is keeping some pretty exclusive company.....

  • The guitar in the photo was built by Marty Baratto. He is a professional builder. Here is a link to his web site.

    Marty Baratto Guitars

    He should be able to solve this mystery for you.

  • Depending on your skills with a grinder there is always this, it's a hub from a thermatic fan from a cars cooling system306620076?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024

    • Could use a alternator housing too. They look just like that and come in many sizes. Get one from a junk/salvage yard.

  • I've seen one here on CBN, but it was custom made by the builder. Can't remember who the builder was.
    The usual spider-bridges are 9&1/4" diameter, but they can be trimmed back a couple inches. However, the largest paint lids have a 5" area for the bridge. Don't think you could cut a regular one back far enough.

    • I found a old non-working turntable and removed the aluminum piece that holds the record. It's made just like a spider bridge. It's 11&5/8", but could be cut back to 7". Maybe not helpful for this application, but might be of use later or to someone else.

  • Stewmac sell a couple of different sizes, pretty sure Gitty has smaller ones also, Old Lowe used to sell them as well, or try e bay...

    • I checked Gitty and found no spiders. The interesting thing about the spider in the photo is that it only has six arms (full sized spiders have eight). It also looks purpose built and not a modification of some other type of casting.

      The photo came from the Gitty Paint Can Lid Contest. I'm trying to email the guy that built the entry with the spider to see if he knows where they can be found.

  • Not sure how a spider would be used on a paint can lid. A biscuit bridge perhaps, but a traditional resonator spider uses a center screw to touch the spider and resonator cone thus transferring sound from the bridge on the spider to the cone. Not sure how that setup  would be done with a paint can. Do you have a photo?

    • Yes I have a photo. I can't figure out how to add it on here.
      But I will be happy to email it to email is
      I'd appreciate your help


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